Amazing and Brilliant, AI technology shined

The progress and development of science and technology is always exciting, especially artificial intelligence (AI), which is leading the next generation of technological revolution.

In recent years, China's AI technology has developed rapidly. Just at the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics last night, China used AI technology for the first time to show its national image and send invitations to the world. The "Beijing 8 Minutes" staged in the Winter Olympics is reminiscent of the last 8 minutes in Athens, but the difference this time is that the image of China has more technological elements, and the entire display process is actually artificial. Intelligent and actors are done together.

Winter Olympics "Beijing 8 minutes"

Two panda envoys and 22 performers appeared skating, and there were also 24 ice screens, which made the whole show a "picture-in-picture" mode.

The pictures formed in the performance constantly compile Chinese elements and Chinese stories, such as "Chinese knot", "Great Wall", "Bird's Nest", "National Theater", "Colorful Chinese Dragon", "Phoenix Spread Wings" and so on.


As the performance progressed, the content on the ice screen continued to change, including high-speed rail, China's large aircraft, China Sky Eye, China Space Station, the past 23 World Winter Olympics badges, one by one displayed...

Of course, the most amazing thing is that when the entire performance entered its climax, the stage was drawn as an inner and outer circle, and because the ice screen was traversed, the two-dimensional picture looked like a three-dimensional earth from a distance. Then, two panda envoys penetrated into the center of the ball, and the space-time axis named "Internet Tunnel" showed China's "four new inventions" one by one.

At this time, I don't know if everyone paid attention to the commentator's words, "The Chinese story of the new era, the new four major inventions ... artificial intelligence is also booming" spread from the commentary channel.


AI technology shines.

The Winter Olympics "Beijing 8 minutes", this time for the first time in China in the form of AI, using human-machine interactive interpretation, showing the latest look of China, no doubt more historically significant.

In recent years, the AI industry has become more and more popular, and relevant news has continuously entered the public's vision. This time, the "Beijing 8 Minutes" is not only a Chinese story, but also an interpretation of AI.

In the past few years when AI has become a national strategy, China has already demonstrated AI speed on different occasions and on different tracks. There are AI companies that lead the world, and AI investment and financing shares that account for the world's top ranking. Patented technologies are catching up. The innovation speed brought by AI is becoming the new business card of China's new era, and it will also be the business card of AI's new age.

With the further development of the AI field, AI will be one of the future development trends

(1) Education

Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov once said that "the collaboration between humans and machines is not an unreachable future, but a close-by present". Right now, technology is rapidly transforming education worldwide. Children use tablet computers more, programming education is becoming a compulsory course in countries around the world, and technology is becoming an essential part of the classroom, just like chalk and blackboard. To put it simply, the benefit of AI to the education field is to free teachers from time-consuming and low-value labor, so that students can receive personalized education.

(2) Medical field

Applications of AI in the medical field include virtual assistants, medical imaging, drug mining, health management, mental health, and more. When AI performs operations, the computer will obtain the perception input of voice and video through voice recognition, image recognition, reading knowledge base, human-computer interaction, physical sensing, etc., and then learn from big data to get a decision-making and Creative brain.


(3) Life field

There is too much infiltration of AI in the field of life. For example, Siri of mobile phone systems, even sweeping robots are the embodiment of AI. However, for the time being, life AI is mainly concentrated in the mobile phone field. Of course, with the advent of the new era of the Internet of Things, the core position of mobile phones will be weakened by many intelligent devices. The remote control can rely on voice to communicate commands such as watching dramas, searching for programs, and making the TV a smart terminal.


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