New Energy Vehicle Bluetooth Sensorless Keyless Entry (PEPS) System-Unlocked when you approach without opening the phone

The keyless entry and activation (PEPS) system is a vehicle electronics technology developed in recent years. Vehicle owners who install PEPS systems only need to take it with them, and they can unlock, lock, open the trunk and start the vehicle without taking out the key , Automatically turn on the headlights and other operations to facilitate the owner of the vehicle.

With the combination of Bluetooth communication technology and PEPS system, Shengrun Technology has developed a Bluetooth keyless entry and activation system, which eliminates the trouble of vehicle owners looking for keys and improves the vehicle owner ’s experience. For commonly used smartphones, turning on the mobile APP and Bluetooth can control the vehicle through the mobile APP.


No need to take out the mobile phone to open the APP and other complicated operations

Recently, Shengrun Technology is the first to launch the Bluetooth sensorless keyless entry (PEPS) system solution. The Alipay applet is resident in the phone memory and wakes up without any sense. The owner only needs to bring the phone without opening the mobile APP and Bluetooth the series of complicated operations. In the sensing area, authorizing the mobile phone to approach the car can unlock the car without feeling and open the door; after leaving a certain distance, the door will automatically lock.

The owner's smartphone has become the automatic virtual key of the car. The non-inductive unlocking method will bring a revolutionary experience to the owner, and the use of new energy electric vehicles will become more intelligent and convenient.


Functional Description of New Energy Vehicle Bluetooth Sensorless Entry System

1. Low-power Bluetooth technology is used to automatically open and close the door lock through the smart device carried by the owner without any sense;

2. You can open the door and start the engine through the mobile phone's Bluetooth function authentication;

3. When leaving the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft state;

4. The whole process does not need to open mobile APP, Bluetooth and other complicated operations.


Owner privacy is guaranteed

The new energy electric vehicle Bluetooth sensorless keyless entry system launched by Shengrun Technology encrypts communication and data transmission processes through a specific intelligent security protection mechanism, and automatically realizes user identification on the basis of ensuring security, thereby achieving
 Keyless entry and its one-button start function greatly improve the safety of every car user in daily operations.

Mobile phonepeoplevehiclecloud remote control

The Bluetooth virtual key can also be used through the Cloud Connect APP. For example, the car owner can complete remote control operations such as unlocking, locking, and opening the trunk of the car through the mobile phone app. The car owner can also connect to the cloud to authorize the virtual key to family or friends through the mobile phone app. Start the car remotely and liberate the keys.


Bluetooth technology is not restricted by mobile network signals

The connection method of the mobile phone and the car is connected by BLE low energy Bluetooth, which can avoid the situation that it cannot be operated in the underground garage or the place with poor mobile signals.

BLE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Communication Technology

1. BLE5.0 is the latest Bluetooth protocol stack;

2. Long transmission distance: effective distance is about 300 meters (equivalent to 4 times of 4.2);

3, the transmission data rate is fast: the maximum 2Mbps (4.2 is 1M);

4. Large broadcast mode information capacity: 255Byte (4.2 is 31Byte);

5. Lower power consumption: less than 2mA in slave broadcast mode

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