Demonstration of UWB wireless communication module positioning accuracy

Today I will introduce to you how to use the TTC UWB digital key.

TTC UWB digital key car outside 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters

They are the welcome area/locking area/identification area

The car automatically unlocks when entering the 3-meter area and automatically locks when exceeding the 5-meter area.

The signal can identify precise positioning within 10 meters, and the location area setting can be customized according to requirements.

So let’s officially start today’s first demonstration

The car owner moves from near to far and then from far to near the car in 8 directions, and the signal can be displayed accurately without losing the signal.

Here is the second demo

The return test in 3 areas can accurately identify the location of the area without abnormal position judgment.

Next up is the third demo

In-car signal: When the key is in the car, the signal is judged to be in the car.

If the key is outside the car, it can be judged as an outside signal.

Can identify signal position with high accuracy

Car windows, front and rear windshields can be identified

Finally, follow the isometric test

1-10 meters at intervals of 1 meter to demonstrate the accuracy of the signal

That’s all the demos, thank you

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