Smartphone PEPS solution for electric bike

The intelligent function of the gimmick market, the high-end smart electric Bikes are gradually on marketing, its Bluetooth-based keyless unlocking and starting scheme is a practical intelligent solution on the electric bike from TTCIOTSDK(Shengrun Technology).

Smartphone PEPS solution for Automotive

The Bluetooth keyless entry and start-up solution from Shengrun Technology is the intelligent and convenient implementation of the car keyless entry and start-up system. The Bluetooth-based keyless entry and startup solution utilizes Bluetooth BLE to connect mobile APP and car. Achieve keyless unlocking start, lock, control trunk, car search, authorized borrowing and ...

Detailed explanation of Bluetooth TPMS solution

The Bluetooth tire pressure detector designed by Shengrun Technology is a automotive safety product. It is mainly used to monitor the tire pressure in real time during the driving of the vehicle, alert the abnormal situation, prevent unexpected situations such as air leaks and punctured tires, and reduce the occurrence. Fuel consumption caused by insufficient tire pre...

Bluetooth Vape solution

Bluetooth vape solution uses Bluetooth chip instead of traditional MCU, to make vape have the ability of wireless near-field communication. By interacting with mobile phone APP, we can realize the multi-mode adjustment of smokingtaste, synchronize the user data to the cloud, and provide users with visual data analysis in order to control smoking and quit smoking.

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