Schematic explanation of "bridge pattern" and "direct drive mode" for BLE Module

In order to further simplify the porting and use of low-power Bluetooth application technology in various industries,  Shengrun Technology TI wireless domain strategic partner has launched the HY-40R204P BLE, Bluetooth 4.2 module and passed the Bluetooth Technology Alliance BQB certification. Compared with wireless technologies such as WIFI and traditional Bluetooth, the Bluetooth 4.2 module has the advantages of lower energy consumption, faster connection and longer communication distance.

The HY-40R204P Bluetooth module supports both bridge (pass-through) mode and direct drive mode. In Bridge Pattern, the developer can connect the device with MCU control to the HY-40R204P Bluetooth module through UART or SPI to communicate with the mobile device in both directions. In direct-drive mode, developers can use modules to extend simple peripherals, quickly designing solutions and even products, and launching new and unique personalized mobile devices at the lowest cost and most efficiently.


As can be seen from the above picture, in the Bridge Pattern (pass-through module), the external master MCU can communicate bidirectionally through the module's universal serial port and the mobile device, and the user can use certain serial port AT commands to certain communication parameters. Perform management control. The specific meaning of user data is defined by the upper application. The mobile device can write to the module through the APP, and the written data will be sent to the external master MCU through the serial port. After the module receives the data packet from the external host MCU serial port, it will automatically forward it to the mobile device. For development in this mode, the user must design the code of the external master MCU and the smart mobile device APP code design. Of course, here the mobile APP can also be a Bluetooth host module.

In direct drive mode, the user performs simple peripheral expansion of the module, such as PWM, GPIO, and so on. The APP directly drives the module through theBLE protocol to complete the supervision and control of the module by the intelligent mobile device. For software development in this mode, the user is only responsible for the smart mobile device side APP code design. Of course, here the mobile APP can also be a Bluetooth host module.

The powerful Bluetooth 4.2 module is not only powerful in two modes, but also provides a number of additional features, including rich AT commands, as well as custom or standard Bluetooth services, providing more reliable and advanced intelligence for applications control.


Part AT command in Bluetooth module:

Set the module name [AT+NAME=x]

Scan slave [AT+SCA=xxxx]

Connect slave [AT+CON#n]

Connection status query [AT+STATE=?]

Number of connected devices [AT+CNNT_NUM=? 】

Disconnect all connections [AT+DISA]

Disconnect the specified connection [AT+DIS=X]

Slave MAC address [AT+LISTX_MAC=?]

Broadcast interval register [AT+ADV_INTERVAL=X]

Connection interval register [AT+CON_INTERVAL=X]

Software reset [AT+SOFT_RST=1]

HY-40R204P Bluetooth module can be widely used in various industrial equipment, such as smart home, automotive electronics, instrumentation, logistics tracking, health care, sports measurement, leisure toys and so on. In addition, with the integration of BLE technology for Android/iOS smart devices, the low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) module will usher in a broader application prospect.

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