Where will Bluetooth technology develop?

Bluetooth, as the most common transmission protocol, was first widely popularized through mobile phones. Today, when the big wave of intelligent hardware in the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming, Bluetooth shows its advantages because of its low power consumption, and it has become one of the basic protocols for connection in the era of the Internet of Things.


Due to the diversity and complexity of IoT devices, the connection requirements between devices vary greatly. Where will Bluetooth technology go in the future? This article will introduce these three aspects.

1.  Longer communication distance.

We all know that usually the communication distance of Bluetooth is about 10 meters. But from a technical point of view, it can actually reach more than 100 meters, and most applications require a distance of 30-50 meters. In the future, the Bluetooth communication distance will not be too limited, but will be implemented according to customer needs. At present, Shengrun Technology plus PA module (HY-40R204CPA) can achieve an effective transmission distance of 300 meters.

2. Faster speed.

Bluetooth 4.2 provides 250% faster speed than before, and more reliable 10 times the data packet capacity. The speed increase of Bluetooth 5 from 1MB/s to 2MB/s will bring higher responsiveness and performance to the device. In the future, faster data transmission can be achieved for critical applications such as medical equipment to increase the response speed and reduce the time delay. However, longer distance and bandwidth will increase power consumption, and Bluetooth technology will maintain a balance, low power consumption will still be an advantage of Bluetooth in the future.


3. Bluetooth Mesh technology.

It is generally believed that Bluetooth is a point-to-point connection, but with Bluetooth Mesh, you can achieve dynamic connection and connect the device terminals you need. For example, Mesh technology can make the coverage of the Bluetooth network throughout the entire building, make the Bluetooth devices in the range interconnect with each other, and open up more applications for smart home and industrial automation.

Not only data transmission, Bluetooth technology also has many application scenarios, such as: Beacon application solutions.

The Bluetooth Beacon application has changed people's understanding of connection and information release. It can be used in industry, agriculture and other fields. For example, if the Beacon sensor is placed in the soil,will know the temperature, humidity and pH value of the soil, and can directly understand this information with a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, in terms of developer services, Shengrun Technology has launched a series of development tools including SDK development kits.

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