BLE Bluetooth emerging markets

The rapid development of the Internet of Things market has made various wireless technologies more widely used. Among them, various applications based on Bluetooth technology will be widely distributed in various industries. With the release of the Bluetooth 5 standard and the strong introduction of the Bluetooth Mesh network function, the continuous improvement of Bluetooth specifications and technologies has made Bluetooth's position in the Internet of Things market more prominent. This article will elaborate on the emerging markets and common application scenarios of BLE Bluetooth.

1. Device network

The introduction of Bluetooth Mesh has accelerated the development of device network solutions. "Lighting control system" and "wireless sensor network" are the two major use cases that promote the growth of equipment network applications, and quickly become the preferred wireless communication platform for many control systems. The low-power Bluetooth mesh topology is optimized for the creation of large-scale device networks. The "Bluetooth wireless sensor network" can monitor the conditions of light, temperature and humidity, helping to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.




Shengrun Technology's networking solution adopts the latest BLE 4.2 technology, and the number of networking devices can be up to 64 (depending on the function of the networking control required); at the same time, using broadcast + scanning technology, each node has a relay Function, realize multi-device networking, perfect for smart home, business, agriculture, industry and other scenarios.

2. Location service

The Bluetooth low energy broadcast topology is particularly suitable for indoor positioning and location-based services. The Bluetooth Beacon-based indoor navigation solution has quickly become a standard method that can cope with indoor coverage that GPS cannot solve. Smart cities have now begun to explore How landmark Beacon improves the quality of life of citizens and enhances the tourist experience. Its solutions are being deployed in airports, convention centers, shopping malls and other scenarios to help building owners and city planners better understand how the space is used.



Shengrun Technology's Beacon solution uses Texas Instruments TI Bluetooth 4.2 CC2640R2F chip as the core processor, which has the advantages of fast connection and low energy consumption. The module has high integration and small size. The Beacon node is placed in an appropriate position, and then with the application of Shengrun APP, it can easily provide users with indoor location services.

3. Data transmission

The low-power Bluetooth point-to-point topology is optimized for extremely low-power data transmission, making it an ideal choice for connected device products.


The intelligent door lock is added to the original door lock system, and a low-power Bluetooth transparent transmission module is added to realize the docking of the Bluetooth protocol of the mobile phone. The smartphone calls the Bluetooth service through the APP, sends instructions, and the intelligent door lock receives the Bluetooth instruction, and then controls the switch of the intelligent door lock.

Solution description: The BLE Bluetooth module (HY-40R204P) is built into the smart lock. The mobile phone reads the smart lock Bluetooth information through the APP, tries to pair, and sends an unlock request to the server. The server sends the unlock command to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone receives the command. Send the instruction to the smart lock via Bluetooth to unlock


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