Shengrun Technology will exhibit new IoT products at the Asia Tech x Singapore 2024

Exhibition name: Asia Tech x Singapore 2024 (CommunicAsia)

Development time: May 29 - May 31, 2024

Address: Singapore Expo

Booth number: 4L3-9

Asia Tech x Singapore 2024 (CommunicAsia),(referred to as: Asia Tech ) is one of the professional exhibitions in the industry, focusing on a variety of key technologies and emerging products in the industry, covering software, hardware and related services. It attracts leading brands and excellent suppliers in the industry as well as industry experts from all over the world to gather here. The exhibition dominates trends in the industry.

On May 29, Shengrun Technology will bring new products to the Asia Tech to showcase its latest research and development of IoT products and solutions. At this exhibition, Shengrun Technology brought a full range of IoT communication modules, including innovative car digital keys and other products. It aims to help the industry achieve digital transformation, improve efficiency and reduce costs, and promote industrial automation and intelligent upgrades.


Highlights sneak peek:

Shengrun Technology's self-developed wireless IoT communication module can support BLE, UWB, NFC, Wifi, ZigBee and other communication technologies, and has mature solutions and related implementation cases in multiple industries. It can be customized according to customer requirements and provides one-stop service.

Vehicle intelligence solution: Integrating car-grade IoT communication modules into the vehicle can realize vehicle information monitoring and diagnosis, including vehicle status, location, tire pressure and other information. can realize remote control of the Internet of Vehicles. can be based on high-precision positioning technology Realize multi-functional interaction between people, vehicles and objects, such as keyless entry, automatic parking space locks, etc.


Smart home solution: Integrate Shengrun wireless IoT communication modules into various electrical appliances, traditional homes (such as door locks) and sensors, which can realize equipment status monitoring, remote control, intelligent interaction and other functions. It can also be based on Customized to the user's habits. Bringing users a more intelligent and comfortable life experience. At the same time, energy management can be done well and energy can be saved.


Smart city solution: Integrating Shengrun wireless IoT communication modules into various infrastructures and sensors can monitor and provide early warning for various city data (temperature and humidity, water levels, air quality, etc.). And can centrally monitor and manage various infrastructures. The notable features of using wireless IoT communication modules for networking are that no wiring is required, little damage to original facilities, and networking is faster and more convenient.



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