• equity incentive plan

    equity incentive plan

    For employees who dare to contribute and contribute to the company, the company will provide equity rewards, with the aim of incentivizing employees to integrate personal goals into corporate goals and create greater value for the company.

  • Paid vacation

    Paid vacation

    Shengrun advocates for employees to adjust their relationship between work and life in a reasonable manner, providing them with paid national statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, prenatal leave, breastfeeding leave, nursing leave, funeral leave, annual leave, and other holidays.

  • Physical examination

    Physical examination

    Shengrun organizes free and comprehensive health checks for employees every year to ensure their physical health and make them aware of their actual physical condition.

  • Five insurances and one fund

    Five insurances and one fund

    The company purchases five insurances and one fund for all regular employees, including pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance (deep household), and housing provident fund.

  • Festival Packet

    Festival Packet

    In order to celebrate festivals such as the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, the company distributes holiday gifts to all employees.

  • Employee Personal Development Fund

    Employee Personal Development Fund

    The company provides employees with an annual development fund based on their annual operating status. The personal development fund can be used for tourism, as well as training and learning to enhance their professional abilities or professional literacy.

  • Employee activities

    Employee activities

    Employees have the opportunity to participate in various activities held by the company irregularly every year, such as outdoor expansion, sports activities, outings, classic tourism, annual meetings, etc.

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