Digital Key Solution for Electric Bicycles/Motorcycles

An Introduction

1. Solution background

For traditional electric bicycle users, the electric vehicle key occupies the largest space among all keys, but you must carry the key with you when going out, otherwise the vehicle will not start. If a friend borrows the car and you are not at home, you cannot give the key to your friend. With the development of technology, electric bicycle digital keys will solve these problems. From now on, electric bicycles are no longer just a simple means of transportation, but a smart travel partner that incorporates intelligent and digital technologies.

Digital Key

2. Solution introduction

This solution will introduce an electric bicycle digital key solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy BLE5.3. The solution is mainly divided into three parts: vehicle terminal, mobile app, and cloud service. The Shengrun Bluetooth module is pre-installed on the vehicle positioning controller to realize intelligent connection between the vehicle and the user. In addition, the vehicle can also be equipped with tire pressure monitoring TPES terminals, lights, horn control terminals, etc. to enrich the networking functions of electric bicycles. Users can perform vehicle authentication, sensorless unlocking and other functions through the mobile APP. Cloud services can manage car key information, user information, vehicle information and other information. This solution provides users with a more convenient and safer travel experience.

Digital Key

3. Solution features

Users can view the driving data, battery status and other information of electric bicycles through the mobile app, and interact with other users or vehicle manufacturers.

Latest Bluetooth protocol: developed based on low-power Bluetooth BLE5.3 protocol, compatible with devices above 4.0.

Positioning control box: Equipped with a positioning control box, the location information of the electric bicycle can be monitored in real time and viewed and managed through the cloud or mobile APP.

Virtual key management: Users can manage virtual keys through the mobile APP, including adding, deleting, authorizing and other operations, making it convenient for multiple people to use the same electric bicycle.

Owner identity verification and user information management: Through owner identity verification and user information management functions, it can be ensured that only legitimate users can use electric bicycles to ensure vehicle safety.

Senseless unlocking of vehicles: Users only need to turn on Bluetooth on their mobile phones. When approaching the electric vehicle within a certain range, the system will automatically identify the user's identity and unlock the vehicle senselessly, without the need for manual operation, improving convenience of use.

Reminder function: If Bluetooth is connected within a certain range, but the specific location of the vehicle is not known, the vehicle can be quickly found by controlling the flashing of vehicle lights and horn prompts through the app.

Depot service push: The electric bicycle will regularly receive the latest service information from the depot, such as firmware upgrades, fault warnings, etc., to ensure that the vehicle is always in good condition.

Extended functions: A tire temperature and pressure monitoring terminal is installed in the front of the vehicle, which can understand tire pressure and other conditions in real time and prevent the risk of tire blowout.

4. Implementation of solutions

With the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles, electric bicycles are favored by more and more people as an economical and convenient way of travel, and the electric bicycle market is also growing. Only by continuously developing towards intelligence can electric bicycles occupy a place in the future electric bicycle market. Shengrun digital key solutions have been adopted by multiple electric vehicle brands, allowing more people to experience the convenience brought by digital keys.

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