Bluetooth low energy TPMS tire pressure/temperature monitoring solution

An Introduction

1.Solution background

When driving or riding a bicycle, if the tire is punctured by a sharp object, the tire will slowly leak air, and the driver cannot detect it in time. Once driving at high speed, the tire can easily overheat and burst, causing serious traffic accidents. In order to ensure travel safety and reduce the risk of tire blowout, drivers need to know the tire pressure and temperature in real time while driving.

2. Introduction to TMPS solution

Shengrun's tire pressure monitoring solution uses Bluetooth low energy as the communication technology for the entire solution. The hardware is an external tire pressure sensing terminal, which can be implemented with a mobile app to complete the implementation of the entire solution. The tire pressure sensing terminal has a built-in Shengrun tire pressure monitoring terminal module, a 140mAh capacity battery, and a high-precision sensor. The low-power design of the tire pressure module makes the operating current ≤15μA and the sleep current only 2μA, which can ensure the service life of the sensing terminal to 1-2 years.

TMPS solution

3. Solution Features

High-precision monitoring: The system uses high-precision tire pressure sensors to monitor tire pressure and temperature in real time, with measurement accuracy of ±0.1Bar and ±1°C, ensuring data accuracy.

Waterproof ability: IP67 waterproof and dustproof level, rain and snow weather, vehicle wading, vehicle cleaning will not affect the use of the product.


Low power consumption design: Using the low power consumption chip CR1632 imported from the United States, combined with the optimized circuit design, the system only consumes 2uA of current in the sleep state, greatly extending the service life of the product.

Real-time transmission: The system uses Bluetooth low energy protocol for data transmission to ensure the real-time and stability of the data. At the same time, the system also supports multi-device connection, making it convenient for riders to check tire pressure data at any time.

Intelligent alarm: When the tire pressure or temperature is abnormal, the system will immediately issue an alarm and early warning through the smartphone APP to remind the rider to handle it in time to avoid safety accidents such as tire blowouts. If the terminal sensor battery is too low, it will immediately alarm and remind the user to replace it in time.

Easy to install: Open the app and scan the QR code on the terminal device, then replace the tire pressure sensing terminal with the valve cap on the corresponding tire.

Wide range of application: Measuring range 0-13Bar, applicable to motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, trucks and other different models.

Easy to use: Different from other Bluetooth tire pressure products on the market, Shengrun tire pressure monitoring products only need to pre-install the APP in advance and turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Even if the APP is not opened, abnormal alarm information can be received normally. In addition, the threshold can be customized to adapt to different models.

cellphone app.jpg

4. Solution usage

This solution is suitable for models without built-in tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems. It is applicable to a wide range of models. You only need to purchase a tire pressure sensing terminal and download the mobile app to use it. The installation is very convenient. Just turn on the Bluetooth connection of your mobile phone during use. This solution has served a large number of users and has received unanimous praise from users.

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