Car physical digital key KeyFob solution

An Introduction

1. Program background

With the development of Internet of Things technology software and hardware, and people's demand for smarter and more convenient functions, traditional physical keys have gradually been unable to meet user needs in terms of functions. For example, it is inconvenient to find keys when carrying things. it is inconvenient to find keys when the light is dark. It is difficult to identify the unlocking and locking buttons when the vehicle is in a situation; if you forget to bring the key when you go out, you will not be able to start the vehicle, etc. In order to better meet users' convenience, security and intelligence needs, Shengrun's physical digital key KeyFob solution came into being. This solution aims to provide users with a more intelligent, safe and convenient car experience through low-power Bluetooth BLE and UWB positioning technology.

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2. Introduction to Shengrun solution

The physical key KeyFob is a digital key product that integrates low-power Bluetooth BLE communication technology and UWB positioning technology. The product is equipped with TI's original chip and uses the communication module developed by Shengrun for the physical key, making the entire product more power efficient It has the characteristics of low cost, high positioning accuracy, stable communication, and a battery life of more than one year. More applications have been developed based on the UWB positioning function, which improves the user experience. Corresponding vehicles must be equipped with Shengrun digital key controller and terminal positioning module products.

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3. Features of Shengrun solution

Users only need to bring KeyFob close to the vehicle to realize automatic vehicle unlocking and other related functions without manual operation.

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It supports keyless entry PEPS function and can distribute secret keys through the Internet. Users who obtain the secret key can open the car door and vehicle-related functions without carrying a physical key.

50-meter low-power Bluetooth BLE connection distance: KeyFob adopts low-power Bluetooth BLE5.0 technology, with a communication distance of up to 50m, ensuring that users can connect and communicate with devices over a longer distance, providing users with a broader scope of use.

Combined with UWB positioning technology, more functions have been developed, such as: setting up different areas around the car body according to the distance from the vehicle (greeting area/locking area/identification area, the car automatically unlocks when entering the 3-meter area, and adjusts the vehicle atmosphere light, The area beyond 5 meters is automatically locked, the lights on the car are turned off, and the signal can be recognized for precise positioning within 10 meters. The location area setting and corresponding functions can be customized according to requirements).

Battery life > 1 year: KeyFob has a built-in large-capacity battery, combined with the Shengrun low-power module design, making the battery life of this product more than one year.

The entire product is designed to be dustproof and waterproof. KeyFob supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating: it can work normally under water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and prevent dust from entering. The operating temperature of the module is -40℃-105℃, which ensures that KeyFob can be used normally in extreme rain, snow and other harsh environments.

In addition, SE can be developed and supported based on the ICCE standard and the digital car key CCC3.0 standard.

Digital key module

4. solution implementation

This physical digital key solution has been adopted and delivered by multiple car brands, with more than 1 million units installed, and is still growing.

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