Indoor lighting Bluetooth Low Energy BLE smart light solution

An Introduction

solution introduction:

This solution uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to allow household lights to achieve fast and stable wireless connections with smartphones, tablets and other devices, achieving intelligent upgrades. Users can easily control the switch, brightness, color and lighting effect mode of smart lights through the mobile APP. It is a very easy-to-use home lighting control product.


Let’s take a closer look at this solution:

Program features:

This solution uses wireless modules such as Shengrun HY-254101 V1, HY-254124 V8, HY-40R201P, etc. The modules are equipped with CC2640 chips produced by TI (Texas Instruments) in the United States, making the BLE module feature high performance and low power consumption. Provides powerful BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) hardware support for smart lights. BLE technology not only achieves a fast and stable connection between the device and the mobile phone, but also has great advantages in energy saving and extending the service life of the device.

Equipment frame diagram:



Convenient control via mobile APP:

The mobile APP operation interface of Shengrun smart lamp is designed to be very user-friendly, and the UI interface is simple and clear. Users can choose different lighting effect modes and colors according to their own preferences and needs. At the same time, smart lights also support color customization. Users can choose any color according to their preferences, and can even create their own unique colors by taking pictures with their mobile phones. It is easy for users to get started and the operation is intuitive.


Diversity of lighting effect modes:

Supports rich lighting effect modes, such as monochrome mode, gradient mode, breathing mode, flowing water mode, etc. In addition to these basic modes, it also supports music-linked lighting modes. When you play music, the smart lights can change the color and brightness of the light according to the rhythm and melody of the music, giving you an immersive music experience. In addition, smart lights also support combination functions. Users can combine different lighting effect modes to create more colorful lighting effects.

Multiple independent operating light groups:

Supports multiple independently operating light groups, each light group can be controlled individually to achieve different lighting effects. This means you can run different lighting modes at the same time, adding more fun and personalization to your home environment. For example, you can set a warm warm light mode in the living room, a soft cold light mode in the bedroom, and a bright white light mode in the kitchen to meet your lighting needs in different scenes.


Intelligent scene-based functions:

Smart lights also have smart sensing capabilities. It has built-in high-precision sensors that can detect surrounding light changes and human activities. Smart lights automatically turn on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave the room. This smart sensing feature is not only convenient and practical, but also helps you save energy. In addition, smart lights also support alarm clock timing mode. Users can set a time to turn on or off the lights to facilitate their lives.


Wireless upgrade:

Support remote upgrade function. When a new firmware version is released, users can upgrade wirelessly through the mobile APP to ensure that the smart lights are always up to date. This convenient upgrade method allows users to enjoy the latest features and improvements at any time.

Application extension:

The advantage of wireless networking is that it causes less damage to original facilities and does not require the laying of pipelines. Therefore, in addition to the home, this lighting solution can also facilitate the intelligent upgrade of multiple scenes and adjust it according to the characteristics and needs of each scene, such as restaurants, bars, courtyards, event sites, etc.


Shengrun smart lamp is an easy-to-use and practical solution. It adopts leading BLE technology, has many advantages such as convenient mobile APP control functions, a variety of cool lighting effect modes, intelligent sensing and timing control. We hope that Shengrun’s smart lights will bring smart, convenient, comfortable and colorful experiences to your life.

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