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Product Introduction

The potential of low-energy Bluetooth technology in enhancing the user experience of car access systems is limitless. Users can walk towards their vehicle while using their smartphone key to unlock it. The car can automatically adapt to the user's preference settings, such as mirror, seat, steering wheel, and head-up display positions, based on custom digital profiles. With a car access system based on low-energy Bluetooth technology, the car can also use various secure ranging and positioning techniques to locate authorized phones inside the car, adding an extra layer of security before unlocking the doors and starting the engine. In addition, users can create digital keys for friends and family, or temporary digital keys for valet parking attendants, making car sharing more convenient.

This solution is developed based on TI CC2640R2F, CC2640R2F-Q1, CC2642R-Q1 automotive Bluetooth 5.0 chips and technologies, and works with Android 8.0 and above or iOS 5.0 and above on smartphones. The built-in BLE master-slave mode in the smartphone, along with the BLE slave device and BLE scanning antenna placed on the car body, realize seamless recognition and positioning. This function allows for seamless recognition without the need to launch the app after the user has completed user registration and vehicle ownership verification via the app and has turned on the phone's Bluetooth function.

Product Features

Product Features 

1. Compatibility 

The provided BLE API is compatible with mainstream smartphone brands such as Apple, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.

Supports Android 8.0 and above;

Supports iOS 5.0 and above;


2. Internet of Things (IoT) 

The electric car can upload its status information to the data operation platform through the convenience of mobile phone Bluetooth interaction, reducing the risk of theft through big data monitoring;


3. Positioning Accuracy 

The positioning module has a built-in algorithm, which allows the error range of locking and unlocking to be controlled within 3 meters;

In pocket testing, the unlocking distance is around 1 meter; in hand-held testing, the unlocking distance is around 3 meters;


4. Low Energy Bluetooth 

By deploying multiple Bluetooth antennas on the electric car, it not only ensures a good user experience but also helps to conserve energy;


5. Stability 

Test results from unlocking eight different brand phones 100 times each, totaling 800 unlocks, showed an unlocking success rate of up to 99.8%


6. Customization 

Considering that customers' product positioning and functions are different, we only provide Bluetooth module hardware and related technical support for Bluetooth connections, giving customers more space to customize their upper-level business logic.

Product parameters
Near-field scenario: 

◎ The system automatically connects with an effective range of 20-30 meters. 

◎ Proactive welcome function, with an effective range of 8-12 meters. 

◎ Keyless entry, with an effective range of 1-2 meters 

    (The precision for inside and outside the car is +20~-50cm) 

◎ Keyless trunk opening 

Remote scenarios: 

◎ Remote virtual key sharing for remote car borrowing. 

◎ Remote control of the vehicle (unlocking, locking, turning on/off air conditioning, opening/closing windows, etc.) 

1+5 solution: The inside of the car is relatively stable, supports distinguishing left from right, and has minimal overflow outside the car. 

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