HY254104 V7
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module HY254104 V7
Product Introduction

Product model: HY-254104 V7

Modulation mode: GFSK

Bluetooth BLE 4.0 single mode compliant

Role type (master-slave): master,slave,master and slave

Antenna type: Metal wire antenna

Size: 15.2*25.3*2.0 mm

Communication interface: UART

Safety certification: BQB BLE4.0, FCC, IC(Canada), CE ETSI RED…etc. worldwide RF  Regulations.

Transmission distance: 35 meters (the actual distance is subject to the test environment)

Working voltage: 2.0-3.6V DC

Transmit power :+0dBm typical

Receiver sensitivity: 94dBm typical

In-System-Programmable Flash 256KB SRAM 8KB

Working mode: Host mode / Slave mode / Broadcast mode (Beacon)

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Product Features
Product parameters



HY-254104 Bluetooth low energy UART protocol module is a single mode device targeted for low  power sensors and accessories.

HY-254104 offers all Bluetooth low energy features: radio, stack, profiles and application space for  customer applications. The module also provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors.  

HY-254104 can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell batteries or pair of AAA batteries. in  lowest power shutdown mode it consumes only 0.5 uA and will wake up in few microseconds.

HY-254104 transmission distance of 50 meter. (At face to face, free space, 1.2 Meter high from  Ground for testing).

Bluetooth IC:TTC2541 6*6*0.9mm 40pin IC / use TI CC2541 IC dice


Electrical Characteristics


 (With Ta = 25 ℃, VDD = 3.0V, standard measure:1Mbps 250KHz GFSK modulation ,  Bluetooth Low energy mode.)

1. Modulation Mode: GFSK;

2. Frequency range: 2402~2480MHZ (2.4G ISM band);

3.Transmit power setting Range: -20 ~ +0 dBm typical ( differential mode o/p point characteristics ;  programmable by software)

4. Operating ambient temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃;

5. The storage temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃;

6. The power supply voltage: 2.0 ~ 3.6VDC;

7Receiver sensitivity: - 94dBm typical( direct test from IC RF out differential mode o/p point  characteristics)

8. Receiving mode current (high gain setting): 20.02 mA (typical);

9Transmit mode current ( at 0dBm output setting ): 18.2 mA (typical);

10. MCU law active current (only 32MHz operation of X-tal OSC): 6.7 mA (typ);

11Power mode 1: The current consumption(under MCU standby mode,   the wake-up time = 4uS); I= 270uA (Typical);

12Power mode 2: THE current consumption in sleep modetimer activate / enablewake-up time can by the programming software setting): I = 1uA (typ);

13. Power mode 3: The current consumption :( Low power deep sleep mode,  via the hardware initiative wake ): I = 0.5uA(Typical)





HY-254104 V7 low-power Bluetooth module (single mode) can work in the master/slave/master-slave switching role, both support bridge mode (transparent mode) and direct drive mode. Under normal circumstances, the UART external MCU can be used. , transparent transmission of data;

HY-254104 V7 ultra-small size, support for secondary development, can be embedded in the complete application, Shengrun Technology provide the corresponding development kit.


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