communication modules in iot mini bluetooth module ble5.3 : HY-234004IC

Product Introduction

Product Overview:

HY-234004IC is a low power BLE module based on the Bluetooth BLE5.3 protocol for a wide range of applications. Like other 2340 series modules, the module is equipped with the CC2340 chip of TI, compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and above protocols. The overall low-power design, in off mode, it consumes only 0.15UA, and wakes up in a few microseconds. A shielding cover is installed on the module to reduce the influence of the module circuit on external components, shield external interference sources, and prevent electrostatic damage to components. In addition, the module reserves the IPEX antenna interface, which needs to be connected to an external IPEX antenna, which also makes the communication distance of the module greatly improved.

Product Features

Support the latest communication protocols: Based on BLUETOOTH® 5.3 LOW ENERGY standard development, can be compatible with Bluetooth 4.2-5.3 protocol, a wide range of compatibility, can be used for most products on the market.

Related certification: The module has completed the Bluetooth SIG BQB-5.3 authentication and declaration process, CE/RED (Europe), FCC (USA) and IC (Canada), EU-RED, SRRC and other certifications, which can serve various application scenarios in various regions of the world.

Low power design: Very low power standby mode, in the lowest power off mode, only 0.15UA of current consumption. It can wake up in a few microseconds, which is suitable for portable devices and wearable devices with strict power consumption requirements and timely response.

External IPEX antenna: The module reserves the IPEX antenna interface, which requires the use of external IPEX antenna, which also greatly improves the communication distance of the module. The communication distance between modules can be up to 248 meters (depending on the environment). The increase of communication distance can be applied to large-area networking, and the application field is further expanded.

High-performance processor: Integrated high-performance ARM CORTEX-M0+ processors provide enough computing power to support complex application scenarios. 80KB of available application code space, enabling customers to perform secondary development and embed complete applications.

Wide operating temperature range: adapt to the temperature of -40℃~125℃, can adapt to most of the natural environment, meet the temperature requirements of various application scenarios. It can also adapt to some extreme temperature application scenarios.

Rich hardware interface and scalability: Support UART/SPI interface, easy to communicate with MCU and data transmission. Up to 24 bidirectional programmable IO for external interrupt triggered input detection for a variety of input/output switching applications.

Small size design: Ultra-small size (11.59×17.9×2.0mm) for easy integration into a variety of small devices or compact devices.

Remote upgrade: Bluetooth slave version supports OAD (Over-the-Air Download) upgrade, and firmware can be updated without physical contact. The Bluetooth host version supports the Software Bootloader (SBL) upgrade, providing flexible upgrade channels.

Production capacity: automatic production line, production capacity is guaranteed.

Product parameters
ModelHY-234004ICBluetooth versionBluetooth 5.3 protocol
Chipcc2340frequency range2402-2480MHZ (2.4G ISM band)
Modulation mode GFSK  Transmit power -21-+8dBm (user can set through software programming)
Receive sensitivity -96dBm (typical) Transparent mode (factory Settings required) Host/slave
Upgrade ModeOAD upgrade/SBL upgrade Transmission distance 248 m (open distance)
Dimensions11.59 x 17.9 x 2.0mmCommunication interfaceUART/SPI
Module PIN16 PIN (10 GPIO) antennaIPEX antenna
Working voltage (DC)2.7-3.3V Working temperature-40℃-+85℃

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