BLE 5.3 Module : HY-234006PC
Product Introduction

Product Model:HY-234006P/HY-234006PC (with shield case)

Modulation Mode:GFSK

Antenna Type: PCB antennas

Bluetooth BLE 5.3 single mode compliant 

Transmission Distance:80M(The actual distance is subject to the test environment)

Integrated Bluetooth low energy stack 

GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SMP Bluetooth low energy profiles 

Compliance: BQB BLE5.3, FCC, IC(Canada), CE ETSI RED…etc. worldwide RF Regulations. 

Transmit power :-21dBm~+8dBm typical

Receiver sensitivity: -96dBm typical 

In-System-Programmable Flash 512KB SRAM 36KB

10 programmable GPIO

Powerful ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor for embedding full applications 

Low current consumption :Shutdown. No clocks running, no retention: 150nA(Typical)



Product Features


       HY-234006P integrates all features required for a Bluetooth Low power aplication ,which is a highly integrated Bluetooth 5.3 module targeted for low power Smart Devices and loT applications. HY-234006P also provides 10 programmable GPIO for low power product applications and provides selection of PCB antennas.

       HY-234006P offers all Bluetooth low energy features: radio, stack, profiles and application space for customer applications. The module also provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors. 

       HY-234006P can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell batteries or pair of AAA batteries. 

in lowest power shutdown mode it consumes only 0.15uA and will wake up in few microseconds. 

       HY-234006P transmission distance of 80meter or more. (At face to face, free space, 1.2 Meter high from Ground for testing).

       Bluetooth IC:TI CC2340R5 4*4 QFN24

Product parameters

Radio performance & current consumption 

(Test condition:With Ta = 25 ℃, VDD =3.0V, with internal DC-DC converter, standardmeasure:1Mbps GFSKmodulation ,FRF = 2440MHz Bluetooth Low energy mode.) 

Modulation Mode: GFSK 

Frequency range: 2402~2480MHZ (2.4GHz ISM band) 

Transmit power setting Range: -21 ~ +8 dBm typical ( IC differential mode point characteristics; programmable by software) . 

Receiver sensitivity: -96dBm typical( IC differential mode, IC RF RX input  characteristics) 

Pre-certified RF regurations for BQB BLE 5.3, CE ETSI RED, FCC, IC(Canada)

Another can Compliance for worldwide RF Regulations. 

Ultra low current consumption 

Transmit:5.0mA(typical)(O/P Power setting :0dBm) 

Transmit:<12.0mA(typical)(O/P Power setting :+8dBm) 

Receive(high gain setting): 5.3 mA(typical) 

700 nA standby mode, RTC, 36 KB RAM

56 μA/MHz running CoreMark®

150 nA shutdown mode, wake-up on pin


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