UWB Antenna
Product Introduction

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is a wireless carrier communication technology that does not use a sine carrier, but uses nanosecond non-sine wave narrow pulses to transmit data, so its frequency range is very wide.


UWB technology has low system complexity, low power density of the transmitted signal, insensitivity to channel fading, low interceptability, and high positioning accuracy. It is especially suitable for high-speed wireless access in dense multipath places such as indoors.


With the popularization of digital car keys, high-precision positioning is increasingly demanded in the market. To meet this demand, Shengrun Technology has launched a digital key that integrates a BLE+UWB dual-mode solution, which adapts to the vast majority of mobile phone ecosystems on the current market, providing users with high-precision, convenient, and seamless positioning capabilities.


This solution is based on the TI CC2642-Q1 automotive-grade chip Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The smart key is equipped with a built-in BLE+UWB module, which can seamlessly recognize and locate with the BLE devices and UWB antennas installed in the car body. It also supports ICCE and CCC 3.0 protocols.

Product Features

Product Features


1. Compatibility

   - The provided BLE API is compatible with mainstream brand mobile phones such as Apple, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.

   - Supports Android system version 8.0 and above.

   - Supports iOS system version 5.0 and above.


2. IoT

   - With the convenience of mobile phone Bluetooth interaction, the electric car can upload its status information to the data operation platform, reducing the risk of theft through big data monitoring.


3. Positioning Accuracy

   - The built-in algorithm in the positioning module can control the error range for locking and unlocking within 3 meters.

   - In a pocket test, the unlocking distance is about 1 meter; in a hand-held test, the unlocking distance is about 3 meters.


4. Bluetooth Low Energy

   - By deploying multiple Bluetooth antennas on the electric car, we can ensure a good user experience while also achieving power saving.


5. Stability

   - Testing with 8 different brand mobile phones, each unlocked 100 times, resulted in a total of 800 mobile phone unlocks, with an unlock success rate of up to 99.8%.


6. Customization

   - Considering that customers' product positioning and features are different, we only provide Bluetooth module hardware and corresponding technical support for Bluetooth connections, giving customers more customization space for upper-layer business logic.

Product parameters

BLE Connectable Area: >30M, Bluetooth connection can be attempted when entering this area;


RKE Area: 20-30M, remote vehicle control functions can be used when entering this area;


Welcome Area: 6-12M, the controller notifies the whole vehicle network to turn on the welcome light when entering this area;


UWB Positioning Distance:<10M, the Bluetooth MCU awakens the UWB for positioning when entering this area;


PE Entry/Exit Area: 0-4M, the doors can be unlocked without a key when entering this area, and automatically locked upon exit;


PS Area: Over 95% inside the car, the key can be detected in this area to ignite and start the vehicle.

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