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Product Introduction

The potential of low-power Bluetooth technology to enhance the user experience of automotive access systems is limitless. Users can unlock their vehicles using their smartphone keys as they approach their cars. The car can automatically adapt to user preference settings, such as mirror, seat, steering wheel, and head-up display positions, based on custom digital profiles. With the low-energy Bluetooth-based car access system, the car can also use various secure ranging and positioning technologies to position authorized phones inside the car, adding an extra layer of security before unlocking the car door and starting the car. Additionally, users can create digital keys for friends and family, and temporary digital keys for valet parking, making car sharing more convenient.


This solution is based on the development of Bluetooth 5.0 chip and technology using TI CC2640R2F, CC2640R2F-Q1, CC2642R-Q1 vehicle-grade chips, on Android 8.0 and above or iOS 5.0 and above. The smartphone is built-in with BLE master-slave mode which can senselessly identify and position with the BLE slave device and BLE scanning antenna arranged on the car body. This function can be realized without opening the APP under the premise that the user completes user registration and vehicle ownership verification and turns on the phone's Bluetooth function.

Product Features

Product Features


1. Compatibility

    - The provided BLE API is compatible with mainstream smartphone brands such as Apple, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.

    - Supports Android 8.0 and above.

    - Supports iOS 5.0 and above.


2. Internet of Things

   - With the convenience of Bluetooth interaction on smartphones, electric vehicles can upload vehicle status information to data operation platforms, reducing the risk of theft through big data monitoring.


3. Positioning Precision

   - The positioning module has a built-in algorithm, the error range of locking and unlocking can be controlled within 3 meters.

   - Pocket test: Unlocking distance is around 1 meter; Handheld test: Unlocking distance is around 3 meters.


4. Low Power Consumption

   - By deploying multiple Bluetooth antennas on the electric vehicle, it not only ensures functional experience but also achieves power-saving purposes.


5. Stability

   - Using eight different brands of phones for 100 unlock tests each, totaling 800 phone unlocks, the success rate is as high as 99.8%.


6. Customization

   - Considering different customer product positions and functions, we only provide Bluetooth module hardware and corresponding Bluetooth connection technical support, allowing customers more customization space for upper-level business logic.

Product parameters

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1. Main Bluetooth Module

   - Supports CAN communication;

   - Supports receiving information from BLE antenna and NFC card reader;

   - Supports establishing service with mobile phone BLE;

   - Supports discovering and connecting to wearable devices;

   - Supports collecting signals from micro-motion switches on left, right, front doors, and tailgate.


2. BLE

   - Performance: RAM≧60 KB   Flash≧310 KB Persistent Memory≧8KB  

   - Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth Protocol Version 5.0 and above

   - Negotiation Method: MTU Negotiation

   - Negotiation Rate: ≧256 byte/packet

   - Operating System: RTOS certified;

   - Bluetooth Module: Passed Bluetooth BQB certification.


3. MCU

   - Processor: ARM Cortex M3 or M4 with a frequency of ≧48 MHz

   - Cloud Communication: Has a channel for TSP communication

   - Operating System: RTOS/linux


4. SE

   - Performance: RAM ≧ 32 KB

   - Supported Standards/Certifications

   - Electronic Components: Compliant with AEC-Q100

   - Security Capabilities: Symmetric encryption algorithm and asymmetric encryption algorithm

   - CC Security Evaluation Level: EAL 5+ CC.

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