HY254104 V8

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module HY254104 V8
Product Introduction

Product model: HY-254104 V8
Modulation mode: GFSK
Wireless standard: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE protocol
Role type (master-slave): master/slave
Antenna type: soft antenna
Size: 14.1*9.2*2.04mm
Communication interface: UART
Safety certification: BQB/FCC/CE certification
Transmission distance: 35 meters (the actual distance is subject to the test environment)
Working voltage: 2.0-3.6V DC
Working mode: Host mode / Slave mode / Broadcast mode (Beacon)
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Product Features
Product parameters

Bluetooth Features:


Modulation mode: GFSK
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE protocol
Frequency range: 2400-2483.5MHZ (2.4G ISM band)
Transmit power: -23-0dBm (user can be programmed by software)
Receive sensitivity: -94dBm (using CC2541 high gain receiving sensitivity, can be programmed by software)
Antenna option: soft antenna
Transmission rate: 1K/S (no encryption)
Transmission distance: 35 meters (the actual distance is subject to the test environment)

GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SMP Bluetooth low energy profiles 

Compliance: BQB BLE4.0, FCC, IC(Canada), CE ETSI RED…etc. worldwide RF Regulations.


Hardware parameter:


Data interface: UART
Chip: CC2541
Audio interface: none
Working voltage: 2.0-3.6VDC
Ripple voltage: ripple voltage: 100mVp-p (max)
Working current: see data sheet for details:

                Receive mode instantaneous maximum current (high gain setting): 20.2mA typ
                Transient mode instantaneous maximum current (value when setting 0dBm O/P): 18.2 mA ytp

                  Low MCU activity cutrrent(32MHz X-tal OSC running only):6.7mA type

                Power mode 1 consumption current:(MCU standby modewake up time=4uS):I =270uA typ

                Power mode 2 consumption current:(Sleep mode timer activewake up time by programming):I=1uA typ

                Power mode 3 consumption current:(Power down deep sleep modewake up by hardware active):I=0.5uA typ

                The average working current of this module is less than 500uAStandby current less than 100uAsleep current less than 1uA

Working temperature: -30 ° C - + 80 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C - + 100 ° C
Compliance with certification: BQB/FCC/CE/RoHS
Size: 14.1*9.2*2.04mm


Software parameter :


Role type: host / slave
Working mode: Host mode / Slave mode / Broadcast mode (Beacon)
Mode configuration: data transmission mode / command mode
Command structure: AT command (see data sheet for details)
Secondary development: support customer secondary development, provide SDK tools
Functional application customization: support customer customization


HY-254104 V8 low-power Bluetooth module (single mode) can work in the master/slave/master-slave switching role, both support bridge mode (transparent mode) and direct drive mode. Under normal circumstances, the UART external MCU can be used. , transparent transmission of data;

HY-254104 V8 ultra-small size, support for secondary development, can be embedded in the complete application, Shengrun Technology provide the corresponding development kit.


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