bluetooth module ble 4.0 Small size and easy to integrate

Product Introduction

Product Model:HY-254101

Modulation Mode:GFSK

Antenna Type:PCB antenna(Can be an external antenna)


Bluetooth BLE v.4.0 single mode compliant 

Transmission Distance:30M(The actual distance is subject to the test environment)

Integrated Bluetooth low energy stack 

GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SMP Bluetooth low energy profiles 

Compliance: BQB BLE4.0, FCC, IC(Canada), CE ETSI RED…etc. worldwide RF Regulations. 

Transmit power :+0dBm typical 

Receiver sensitivity: -94dBm typical 

In-System-Programmable Flash 256KB SRAM 8KB 

Low current consumption :Shutdown. No clocks running, no retention: 0.5uA(Typical)


Product Features
Product parameters

Bluetooth Features

Modulation Mode:GFSK

Bluetooth Version:BT4.0 BLE protocol

Frequency Range:2400-2483.5MHZ(2.4G ISM Band)

Transmit Power:-23-0dBm(The user can be programmed by software)

Receiving sensitivity:-94dBm typ

Antenna Type:PCB antenna(can be an extemal antenna)

Transmission Rate:1K/S(Not encrypted)

Transmission Distance:30M(The actual distance is subject to the test environment)

Hardware Parameters

Data Interface:UART/SPI/IIC


Audio Port:without

Operating Voltage:2.0-3.6VDC

Ripple Voltage:100mVp-p (max)

Working Current:Transmissive operating current:8.3mA

               Low power deep sleep mode current:0.3uA

               Receive mode current(at high gain setting):20.2mA typ

               Transmitting mode current(at 0dBm O/P setting):18.2 mA ytp

               Low MCU activity cutrrent(32MHz X-tal OSC running only):6.7mA type

               Power mode 1 consumption current:(MCU standby modewake up time=4uS):I =270uA typ

               Power mode 2 consumption current:(Sleep mode timer activewake up time by programming):I=1uA typ

               Power mode 3 consumption current:(Power down deep sleep modewake up by hardware active):I=0.5uA typ

               The average working current of this module is less than 500uAStandby current less than 100uAsleep current less than 1uA

Operating temperature:-20℃-+65℃

storage temperature:-30℃-+85℃

Conform to certification:BQB/FCC/CE/RoHS



Software Parameters

Master and slave type:Master/Slave

Default Setting:

Set the command:AT + command structure

User configuration:Serial AT command,Data transfer AT command

Secondary development:Support customer secondary development,Provide SDK toolkit

Functional application development:Support customization


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HY-254101(24pin) BLE 4.0 Module spec.
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