Product Introduction

The HY-29D501C module makes use of the NXP NCJ29D5 ultra-wideband UWB IC (500MHZ), allowing users to accurately identify the location of their vehicles. The positioning error is accurate to the centimeter level, providing convenience for smartphone and vehicle access. With this, users can unlock and start their cars just by keeping their smartphones in their pockets. Parking services can also be realized through smartphones.

Product Features

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is a wireless carrier communication technology. It does not use sinusoidal carriers, but utilizes nanosecond non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data, thus occupying a wide spectrum range.


UWB technology has advantages such as low system complexity, low transmit signal power density, insensitivity to channel fading, low interception ability, and high positioning accuracy. It is particularly suitable for high-speed wireless access in dense multipath places like indoors.


With the popularization of digital car keys, high-precision positioning is increasingly demanded by the market. To cater to market needs, Shengrun Technology has launched a digital key that combines UWB+BLE dual-mode solutions, which adapts to the majority of the smartphone ecosystem on the current market, providing users with high-precision and convenient senseless positioning capabilities.


This solution is based on the development of Bluetooth 5.1 technology using the TI CC2642-Q1 vehicle-grade chip. The smart key is built-in with BLE+UWB module, which can senselessly identify and position with the BLE device and UWB antenna arranged on the car body. It also supports the ICCE and CCC 3.0 protocols.

Product parameters

Smart Access with strong interoperability

High positioning resolution

Integrated power management, low system cost

Working frequency range in the high frequency band of 6.0GHZ~8.5GHZ

On-chip support for encryption operations

IEEE 802.15.4 compatibility

ARM® Cortex-M33 32 Bit processor 55.2 MHz

ARM® AHB-Lite bus matrix and dual master NS-DMA for fast data transfer

256 kByte Non Volatile Memory

40 kByte RAM

96 kByte ROM

ARM® TrustZone technology and S-DMA for security


Applications Examples

Smart positioning

Short-range radar

Remote parking

Electric vehicle charging

Contactless payment

Car key, anchor points, control center

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