Overview Bluetooth 4.2 HY-40R204I Module

The HY-40R204I is a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.2 module from Shengrun Technology, which uses a high-performance TI CC2640R2F chip. It can be powered directly using a standard 3V coin cell battery or a pair of AAA batteries. In the lowest power shutdown mode, it consumes only 0.15uA and wakes up in a few microseconds.

Detailed overview

>HY-40R204I low power Bluetooth single mode module is for low energy sensors and nearby single mode devices.

>HY-40R204I provides Bluetooth low-power features: radio, Bluetooth protocol stack, configuration files and space required by client applications, as well as a flexible hardware interface for connecting sensors.

>HY-40R204I has a programmable ARM-Cortex-M3 processor (80KB of available application code space) that customers can use for secondary development and embed complete applications.

>HY-40R204I can be powered directly from a standard 3V coin cell battery or a pair of AAA batteries. In the lowest power shutdown mode, it consumes only 0.15uA and wakes up in a few microseconds.

>Pass-through module as a Bluetooth slave, with single-link version and multi-link version.

Single-link version: The module can only be connected to one Bluetooth master. When transferring large packets of data, each packet can reach up to 248 bytes, which can achieve two-way 20ms transmission interval, and the bidirectional rate can reach up to 12K Byte/s.

Multi-link version: The module can connect with up to 4 Bluetooth 
master, each packet can reach up to 20 bytes, and the transmission interval of 4 channels is 20ms/25ms/30ms/35ms.

>Single-link and multi-link versions support both 
pass through mode and direct drive mode. After the module is initially set up, it will be automatically broadcasted. The mobile phone that opens a specific APP will scan and connect it. After successful, it can be monitored by the BLE protocol.

Bridge mode: The developer can connect the device with MCU control to the HY-40R201P Bluetooth module through UART or SPI, and can communicate with the mobile device in both directions. The developer can also manage some communication parameters through specific serial port AT commands. Control, the specific meaning of the developer data is defined by the upper application. The mobile device can write to the module through the APP, and the written data will be sent to the MCU through the UART or SPI. After the module receives the data packet from the MCU, it will automatically forward it to the mobile device. In this mode, the developer only needs to be responsible for the code design of the MCU and mobile APP.

Direct-drive mode: The developer performs simple peripheral expansion on the module, and the APP directly drives the module through the BLE protocol to complete the supervision and control of the module by the smart mobile device. In this mode, the developer only needs to be responsible for the APP code of the mobile device design.



· Support for upgrading Bluetooth 5 based on BLE 4.2 protocol;

· Support master mode, slave mode;

· Support OAD upgrade.
· Support single link, multi-link  versions.

· Serial port packet length, single link version supports up to 248 bytes, multi-connection version supports up to 20 bytes.

·High-speed two-way pass-through transmission and forwarding, the fastest two-way up to 12KByte/s (single link big packet transmission)

·Default 20ms connection interval, fast connection

· User interface uses universal serial port design, full-duplex two-way

communication, baud rate range of 9600bps~256000bps.

· Supports bridge mode (serial port pass-through), or direct drive mode (no additional CPU required); direct drive mode supports SPI/UART interface.

· Support SPI/UART instruction software reset module to obtain MAC address.

Support SPI/UART commands to adjust the Bluetooth connection interval and control different forwarding rates.

· Support SPI / UART command to adjust the transmit power, modify the broadcast interval / connection timeout / product connection delay, modify the serial port baud rate, modify the module name, will be saved after power down.

· Support mobile device APP/SPI/UART to modify the module name, save the point, modify the serial port baud rate, product identification code, custom broadcast content, broadcast cycle, all saved points.

· APP/SPI/UART can operate all IO expansion.

· Support connection status, broadcast status prompt pin / normal IO flexible configuration.

• Up to 24 bi-directional programmable IOs, external interrupts trigger input detection, full low power operation. (Lighting control, remote control toys, and other input and output switching applications).

· Very low power standby mode.

· Support command/data communication free switching.
· Support APP/UART/SPI free switching, TX power / RX gain, adjust different transmission sensitivity to achieve application distance adjustment.

· Support APP/UART/SPI free on/off broadcast for true deep sleep.

· Supports full IO read/level output.

Support for APP/UART/SPI commands to clear the data cache and reject data.


HY-40R204I module is widely used

1 Health and medical: thermometers, electronic scales, low-frequency massagers, etc.
2 Home and building automation: smart door locks, access control, parking space management, etc.
3 Sports and fitness: smart wear, sports equipment, etc.
4. Industry: material tracking, asset management, automation control, etc.
5, other: tire pressure monitoring, electronic cigarettes, etc.

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