Application of BLE Bluetooth module in health care area

Currently, mainstream Internet of Things solutions are inseparable from stable and mature wireless connection technologies. WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee are widely used in solutions in different scenarios according to different technical principles and characteristics. As a professional wireless module R & D manufacturerShengrun Technology will talk about the application of BLE Bluetooth module in health care area.

IOT applications cover a wide range of areas including wearables,automobiles, homes, industry, and even smart cities in the future. These applications need to be supported by more energy-efficient, innovative, and secure systems. The wireless communication module of Shengrun Technology is providing indispensable wireless communication technology support for these applications.


At this stage, health and medical equipment is usually wearable products or other small items, such as thermometers, heart rate meters, blood glucose and blood pressure meters, electronic scales, etc., which can upload various device parameters and patient physiological data characteristics to a cloud database, which is convenient At the doctor's appointment, the doctor made a detailed analysis of the patient's various physiological data.


One thing all of these devices mentioned above have in common is that they all require battery power and are usually small in size. Therefore, a Bluetooth solution must be small and use very little power. The Bluetooth low energy module only draws power from the battery when transmitting or receiving data, and the rest of the time is in sleep state.

Low-energy wireless solutions provide an ideal solution for health and medical applications:

1) Improve battery life: the life of a coin cell battery is up to several years;

2) High integration and small size: The chip of the integrated microprocessor SOC is compact and can be used to develop miniature wearable sensors.

3) Mobile phone interconnection: Seamless connection with existing built-in

Bluetooth low energy mobile phones.


In the end, what want to say is that Shengrun Technology currently has a BLE module that supports Bluetooth 5.0 compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the data flow of Bluetooth 5.0 has doubled, which means that it can transfer a lot of data more quickly. In other words, the same amount of data can be transferred in half the time, and the power consumption is naturally reduced.

Shengrun Technology is a manufacturer of BLE low-power, Bluetooth data modules. Using imported TI chips, the modules have undergone long-term high and low temperature tests, and the performance is stable and reliable!

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