Bluetooth has become the largest wireless technology in IOT

The rapid development of the Internet of Things in recent years has covered almost all smart application devices, such as: emerging smart wearables, smart medical, smart homes, wireless charging, automotive and even Industry 4.0. The technical audience is broad. The Bluetooth standard occupies the main core position in the IoT application market with its features of intelligence, low power consumption, high connection speed, and low cost. It can be said that Bluetooth has become the largest wireless communication in the Internet of Things. technology.


In recent years, many Bluetooth solution manufacturers have developed high-efficiency, low-cost, simple and practical Bluetooth module solutions with long service life. In the future, whether it is the smart home scene or the automation industry, consumer electronics and buildings, all things will be interconnected, and Bluetooth technology is the core of all these developments. In the future, Bluetooth technology will create more intelligent services and expand the new trend of IoT applications through Bluetooth technology.


How to choose a Bluetooth solution:

The so-called Bluetooth solution is actually a Bluetooth solution, which is an abbreviation of a technical solution to achieve a certain Bluetooth function.
 There are different classifications and applications of Bluetooth solutions, including Bluetooth data solutions, Bluetooth audio solutions, Bluetooth dual-mode solutions, and so on.

Due to the popularity of Bluetooth and the reliability and stability of the Bluetooth protocol, there are many Bluetooth solutions on the market. So how do you choose a suitable Bluetooth solution to serve your products?

When choosing a suitable Bluetooth solution, in addition to understanding your own product needs, you should analyze from several dimensions, "the scale and strength of the R & D manufacturer, the frequency of program updates, and whether it is suitable for the latest smart devices." From these aspects Analyze and select the applicable Bluetooth solution.

As a well-known manufacturer of Bluetooth modules and solutions, Shengrun Technology has deeply cultivated the BLE market. Because of its high cost performance, flexible development, and support for secondary development and solution customization, Sunrun's Bluetooth solution is also well received by the market.


The advantages of Shengrun:

Process many years of research and development experience, regardless of hardware debugging and software application development are mature and stable, the market recognition is extremely high, and our customers continue to praise;

2) Help customers save development costs and time;

3) The company has a clear market positioning and is only a professional BLE Bluetooth solution provider;

4) Strict module quality control and professional after-sales service quality.

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