The function of BLE Bluetooth

When communicating between Bluetooth devices, one must be the master and one is the slave to communicate. When communicating, for searching and initiating pairing by Master. After the connecting, both parties can send and receive data. 

The role of BLE Bluetooth mainly includes: master, slave, master-slave integration, one master to multiple slaves, etc. This article will also introduce the main role functions of BLE Bluetooth in detail for everyone.



The Bluetooth module in the master mode can search for surrounding devices and select the slaves to be connected. Can send and receive data easily, and can also set the MAC address of the slave connected by default, so that the module can find this slave module and connect as long as the module is powered on.


The Bluetooth module working in slave mode can only be searched by the master, and cannot be actively searched. After the slave is connected to the master, it can also send and receive data with the master device.


[Master and Slave]

Master-slave integration is the ability to switch between master and slave modes, which can be used as master or slave. In the master-slave integrated mode, we set one serial Bluetooth module as the master and the other as the slave. After the connecting, data transmission can be performed without any protocol.

[One Master to Many Slave]

One serial Bluetooth module acting as a master can establish connections with multiple serial Bluetooth modules acting as slaves at the same time. In theory, one Bluetooth master device can communicate with 7pcs Bluetooth slave devices at the same time. Shengrun Technology's Bluetooth 4.2 series BLE module based on TI CC2640R2F can establish connections with 7pcs slave devices.

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