The powerful functions of the Bluetooth module

In the Internet of Things industry, Bluetooth may be the best choice for wireless communication applications, because Bluetooth technology has a broad audience, with low power consumption, intelligence, and low cost . It has been widely used in all IoT smart products including smart home, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, smart medical and automotive equipment. Since Bluetooth technology plays such a large role in the Internet of Things, the function of the Bluetooth module is naturally not to be underestimated. This article will also explain in detail the powerful functions of the Bluetooth module.

1. Low power consumption

In the field of smart home, the role of the Bluetooth module is to put a smart device or control device, use the button battery, and then perform data transmission and data control through the wireless terminal. Most of these smart devices need to be used for a long time, so power consumption is really crucial. Of course, we must also ensure that the Bluetooth module operating under power consumption can be quickly awakened. For example, when you arrive home from work and need to wake up your device quickly with a Bluetooth module on your phone.

Nowadays, power consumption is becoming more and more important in selecting Bluetooth modules. Shengrun Technology is a professional supplier of Bluetooth module products and solutions. Bluetooth products include bluetooth 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2/5.0 BLE modules, of which Bluetooth 4.2 module can support Bluetooth 5 through firmware upgrade.

(1) Introduction for function: TTL serial port between Bluetooth data realize  transparent transmission.


Shengrun Technology's Bluetooth BLE module, traditional serial devices or devices controlled by MCU can be used for wireless data transmission.

(2) Multiple configuration methods


2. Master-slave integration

The Bluetooth module can be used as a master and slave. The master is able to search for other Bluetooth modules and establish a connection actively, but the slave cannot actively establish a connection, and can only wait for others to connect themselves. The master-slave integration function is that the serial port Bluetooth module can be used as a host or a slave. The master-slave integration seems very common, but its application value is great. For example, in the industrial field, it is generally a simple data transparent transmission function, and does not need to always deal with the Bluetooth protocol. Therefore, under the master-slave integrated mode, you only need to set one serial port Bluetooth module as the master device and the other as the slave device. After the connectiondata transmission without any protocol can be performed.

* Shengrun Technology Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module can be used as both master and slave *

(1) Master-slave integrated module


Shengrun Technology Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module master-slave integration (default slave mode), you can use a master-slave method for data transmission.

(2) Industrial-grade module

It meets industrial-grade standards and can adapt to various harsh environments. The operating temperature range is: -40 ~ + 85 ℃.

3.Bluetooth Beacon

Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the Bluetooth low energy protocol, and it is also a Bluetooth low energy device (slave) with this protocol. As a Beacon device, it is usually placed in a fixed location indoors to broadcast continuously to the surroundings, but it cannot be connected to any Bluetooth low energy host. All broadcast data is arranged under specific rules. In terms of application, Bluetooth Beacon can also be used for indoor positioning, and place the Bluetooth module in a fixed place indoors. After the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth, it can obtain its location through the APP, and will push some set information to our mobile phone.


It is worth mentioning that WeChat-Shake also added the Beacon function, such as staying in a hotel, users shake at the hotel lobby, you can get room information. Bluetooth Beacon is a very novel way of interaction and has a very broad prospect in the field of intelligence.

Support iBeacon function in broadcast mode, widely used in: indoor positioning, near-field information push, identity recognition, Bluetooth anti-lost device, etc

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