FQA on Bluetooth serial port for Bluetooth module

Nowadays,it is an era of endless new technologies. With the support of Bluetooth technology in the electronics field, especially traditional electronic products, many traditional electronic products have a second development and  transformed into smart products. When all products add Bluetooth module, must process Bluetooth serial port.


Bluetooth serial port is a device based on the SPP protocol (Serial Port Profile) that can create a serial port between Bluetooth devices for data transmission. It is widely used in Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices.

As a universal wireless communication module, the Bluetooth serial port has the characteristics of simple development and easy operation. Generally speaking, if manufacturers use the built-in Bluetooth serial port module + MCU to develop products with Bluetooth functions, electronic product developers / engineers can use the MCU serial port to easily provide electronic products without having professional and complicated Bluetooth development knowledge Built-in Bluetooth function. The company's research and development costs and employment costs have been greatly reduced, and development risks have also been reduced.


The Bluetooth serial port module separates MCU development from Bluetooth development, greatly reducing the difficulty of Bluetooth product development, improving the stability and speed of product development, shortening the cycle of product development, and speeding up to market.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd., a Bluetooth module / Bluetooth solution provider, has successively developed a series of Bluetooth serial port modules, and introduced a complete Bluetooth serial port module solution for each model and price range. The cycle, delivery volume and other aspects can well meet domestic electronics companies.

At present, the Bluetooth serial port module is widely used. In many traditional electronic products, it cooperates with the MCU to implement Bluetooth functions, such as Bluetooth electronic scales, low-frequency massagers, smart small appliances, and fitness equipment. In the future, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the Bluetooth market share will gradually increase, and the Bluetooth module will definitely further improve the intelligence and IOT of the entire electronics industry.



Q: Can the Bluetooth serial port module transmit audio?
A: The Bluetooth serial port module is based on the Bluetooth protocol. It implements SPP or serial port applications. Other applications such as audio A2DP applications are not supported. But the USB dongle has various applications, such as file transfer, virtual serial port, voice, etc.

Q: Do I need to know the Bluetooth protocol when using a serial port module?
A: No, you just need to treat the Bluetooth serial port module as a transparent serial peripheral. As long as the pairing with the Bluetooth serial port module is completed on the computer or mobile phone, the corresponding Bluetooth virtual serial port and the Bluetooth serial port module can be opened for communication through the application program. The Bluetooth module can be connected to other peripherals with serial ports, such as a microcontroller or another computer.

Q: How to test whether the Bluetooth serial port module is normal?
A: First supply power to the Bluetooth module (3.3V), then short TX and RX, find and pair the Bluetooth serial port module through a computer or mobile phone, and then send and receive data through the serial port software. This can test whether the Bluetooth serial port module is normal .

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