Bluetooth module, detailed comparison from types, positioning, function

Bluetooth module refers to the basic circuit set of the chip with integrated Bluetooth function, used for short-range 2.4G wireless communication module. For end user, the Bluetooth module is a semi-finished product. Through the process of functional redevelopment and packaging of the shell based on the module, the final product capable of utilizing Bluetooth communication is realized. The Bluetooth module is subdivided into many types, with different types having different prices, positioning, and functions, which are described in detail below.

Classification of Bluetooth module

There are two main types of application and support agreement:

1. Classic Bluetooth module (BT): Generally refers to the module that supports the Bluetooth protocol below 4.0, which is generally used for relatively large data transmission, such as voice, music and other high data transmission. Classic Bluetooth modules can be further subdivided into: traditional Bluetooth modules and high-speed Bluetooth modules. The traditional Bluetooth module was launched in 2004, mainly representing modules that support the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, and was widely supported during the outbreak of smart phones. The high-speed Bluetooth module was launched in 2009, and the speed increased to about 24Mbps, which is eight times that of the traditional Bluetooth module. It can be easily used for data transmission between VCR to HDTV, PC to PMP, UMPC to printer.

2.Bluetooth low energy module (BLE): refers to a module that supports the Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or higher, also known as the BLE module. The biggest feature is the reduction of cost and power consumption. It is used in products with high real-time requirements, such as : Smart home (Bluetooth lock, Bluetooth light), data transmission of sensor devices (sphygmomanometer, temperature sensor), consumer electronics (electronic cigarettes, remote control toys), etc.


Comparative Analysis of Bluetooth module:

1.According to the support of the agreement

Single-mode Bluetooth module: a module that supports a certain Bluetooth protocol;

Dual-mode Bluetooth module: A module that supports both Classic Bluetooth (BT) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols.

2. According to the application

Bluetooth data module: BLE low-power Bluetooth module is generally used, which has extremely low running and standby power consumption. It can work continuously for several years using a button battery;

Bluetooth audio module: The data transmission with large bit stream for audio is more suitable for using BT classic Bluetooth module.

3, According to the temperature level
Industrial grade: The temperature range is -40 ℃ 85 ℃, which can operate normally in harsh environments such as outdoor and large interference;

Commercial grade: The temperature range is 0 ℃ 70 ℃, and it is generally used in ordinary civilian products.

Manufacturer of bluetooth module:

Shengrun Technology is a manufacturer of Bluetooth low energy modules. Using TI chip, the modules have been tested for a long time at high and low temperatures. Bluetooth 4.2 includes two series of BLE modules, HY-40R201 and HY-40R204, both support Bluetooth 4.2 BLE protocol and Bluetooth 5. The communication distance can reach 120 meters ), The main difference is in terms of size and antenna type


The main functions of BLE Bluetooth module:

Data transparent transmission: TTL serial port and Bluetooth data bidirectional transparent transmission;

Master-slave integration: Bluetooth module can be used as both master and slave;

Low power consumption:

  Active-Mode RX: 5.9 mA max
         Active-Mode TX at 0 dBm: 6.1 mA max;
   Active-Mode TX at +5 dBm: 9.1 mA max;
   Sleep: 3.54µA avg;
   Data transmission: 2.75 mA avg;

Long-distance transmission: The communication distance of Shengrun Technology's Bluetooth 4.2 module can reach more than 100 meters;

Industrial grade: adapt to temperature range of -40 ~ 85 ℃;

Encrypted transmission: support AES encryption and decryption;

Ultra-small size: the size of a nail;

Multiple configuration methods: support MCU serial port and Bluetooth settings;

One-to-many broadcast: The broadcast mode supports one-to-many broadcast data transmission to nearby devices;

Support Beacon protocol: widely used in indoor positioning, near field information push, etc.

Application field of Shengrun BLE Bluetooth module


Fitness category: exercise bracelet, pedometer, exercise measurement, etc

Smart home: remote control switch, dimming and color lighting, door locks, curtains, thermo-hygrometer, smart scale, etc .

Health care: Medical detection / tracking (heart rate, pulse, temperature), etc .;

Infant care: real-time temperature detection, smart cribs, etc .

Toys: interactive remote control toys, aircrafts, toy cars, etc .

Automotive electronics: tire pressure detection, auto lock, data acquisition and monitoring.

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