The importance and certification process of Bluetooth BQB certification

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication technology that guarantees reliable reception and information security in close range. It is an open technical specification that enables short-range wireless voice and data communications anywhere in the world. It uses advanced technologies such as Frequency Modulation Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

It is worth mentioning that not all products that support the Bluetooth function are called Bluetooth products. Only after passing the SIG test and certification to comply with the Bluetooth standard, they can be qualified to enter the market under the name of the Bluetooth product and can be authorized to use the Bluetooth logo and label. Otherwise, it is illegal.

Features of Bluetooth technology:


Any Bluetooth system can include the following four basic components:


Bluetooth certification test content:

To sell Bluetooth products on the market, Bluetooth certification and related national compulsory certification are required. The picture shows the Bluetooth product listing process.



Bluetooth certification includes the following aspects:

1) Radio frequency (RF) conformance test;

2) Protocol conformance test;

3) Profile compatibility test;

4) Declaration of conformity;

5) Review of related technical documents.


Finally repeat again, Bluetooth certification is very important. Only products that are certified by the Bluetooth SIG organization are true Bluetooth products,they can ensure that the product's compatibility and related performance are in compliance with the Bluetooth standard, and normally use the Bluetooth or BLUETOOTH logo and related Bluetooth technical specifications legally.

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