Six requirements of smart home on BLE Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth as an important supporting technology for smart homes, has become a wireless communication technology enthusiastic for the Internet of Things due to its globally unified standards and low power consumption, low cost, and high security.

In the future, not only in smart home, automation industry, consumer electronics or buildings, etc., inter-connection can be achieved, and Bluetooth technology can achieve more intelligent services, especially Bluetooth 5.0 will create more IOT applications and new trend. Of course, the corresponding power consumption value of the BLE Bluetooth module will be lower, the transmission speed and distance will be required to be faster and farther, and strive to serve the smart home with stronger performance. The following analyzes the six requirements of smart home for BLE Bluetooth 5.0


1. Lower power consumption

In order to better use the Bluetooth function on smart devices,
Bluetooth 5.0reduces the power consumption by 15 ~ 50% again compared to the old version, so there is no need to worry about Bluetooth power consumption. Compared with the huge power consumption WiFi technology, the advantages of BLE for smart home products are very obvious.

2. Faster transfer speed

Those who know a little about
Bluetooth 5.0 know that the transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.0 reaches 2Mbps, which is twice the previous 4.2 version. It is worth mentioning that Bluetooth 5.0allows data to be accepted without pairing, such as advertising, Beacon, location information, etc., and its actual transmission rate has been improved.

3. Longer transmission distance

Theoretically, the effective working distance between Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices can reach 300 meters, which is 4 times that of the old version. Users can control smart products at home through BLE, including smart light control, smart locks,etc, Now smart devices in the home can basically be connected using BLE.

4. More transmission functions

The data carrying capacity of the Bluetooth 5 broadcast packet is 8 times that of the 4.2 BLE version. The new Bluetooth 5 can add more data transmission functions. Hardware manufacturers can create more complex connection systems such as Beacon or location services through Bluetooth 5.0, Therefore, the advertisement data sent by the Bluetooth device can send a small amount of information to the target device without even pairing.

5. Internet of Things applications

Bluetooth 5.0 has made many low-level optimizations for the Internet of Things, and strives to serve smart homes with lower power consumption and stronger performance. Once accurate indoor positioning can be achieved, the smart home is as powerful as the fish, and it has directly and indirectly derived a variety of new smart home functions.

6. Security

Compared with WiFi technology, Bluetooth also provides two layers of password protection. In terms of security, Bluetooth is significantly better than WiFi. Therefore, Bluetooth technology is considered as an ideal secure connection method.


Recommended BLE Bluetooth module for smart home

The Bluetooth 4.2 BLE modules HY-40R204P and HY-40R201P developed and developed by Sunrun Technology support Bluetooth 5.0 It is based on TI CC2640R2F and has a powerful baseband processor. You can also do secondary development of more functions according to customer requirements, and have strong application security protection.

Shengrun Technology's BLE Bluetooth module is mainly used for short-range data wireless transmission. It can be easily connected with a Bluetooth device, or it can be set as a master and slave structure to interconnect the Bluetooth devices!

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