IOT becoming more and more obvious,Bluetooth helps everything to become a reality

The era is driving the development of science and technology. The Internet of Things has been considered the "next industrial revolution" because it has more or less impact on all aspects of our lives.

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In fact, the IOT revolution has quietly begun.

Let me tell you: The smart home device that can be controlled wirelessly,such as: click the phone, the Bluetooth smart door lock automatically opens the door, the air conditioner automatically opens, and the curtains automatically open. On the Internet, the fitness equipment that can tell friends and family about your exercise results is the Internet of Things.

It is just beginning.


Five trends that are becoming apparent in the Internet of Things

1. Vertical application

Applications are more subdivided. At some point in the future, all vertical applications will be networked.

2.Internet of Things Platform

With the vertical development of various IoT solutions, IoT platforms have emerged. IoT platforms provide enterprises with a wide range of vendor selection opportunities without the need to create or change existing models.

3.Big data

Big data is well known. Combined with the Internet of Things cloud platform, these connected devices are storage devices that store a large amount of data. This data, in turn, can be transferred to IoT analytics algorithms to provide more valuable information to target customers.

4.Integration with machine learning

Machine learning combined with the Internet of Things can speed up the connection of other devices, which can share and digest large amounts of data. By connecting various devices, you can delve into the perception capabilities of the Internet of Things. Combined with the analysis of IoT data discussed in the previous paragraph, and combined with artificial intelligence or machine learning, the IoT can become more advanced and intelligent.

5. IoT security

Blockchain is one of the IoT security solutions, which can enhance security, increase trust and speed up transactions.

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From each different perspective, the same clear trend is verified: the era of the Internet of Everything will eventually become a reality in the near future.

Currently, mains tream IoT solutions are inseparable from stable and mature wireless connection technologies. WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc. are widely used in solutions in different scenarios according to different technical principles and characteristics. Among them, WiFi has the highest penetration rate in life. Its advantages are fast transmission speed and large transmission range, but power consumption is the biggest drawback. ZigBee is mainly used in some industrial automation enterprises. Low penetration is a big problem; Like UHF 433Mhz RFID, its biggest advantages are fast transmission rate and long reading distance, but the cost of equipment and maintenance are high, and the safety performance is not enough, it is not suitable for some fields. Finally, in contrast, Bluetooth, low power consumption and low radiation are business cards, and the product penetration rate is extremely high, suitable for a wide range of promotion and use.

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