Bluetooth is far more powerful than you think

Bluetooth is a very basic data transmission tool that can achieve wireless transmission between Bluetooth devices. However, with the advent of smart phones, many people think that the Bluetooth function of mobile phones is very poor. In fact, Bluetooth has many powerful functions, just you don’t know, Then will show you today.

1. Bluetooth positioning, mobile phone anti-lost

In addition to our commonly used GPS mobile phone positioning, Bluetooth 4.0 and above BLE modules now also support mobile phone positioning and alarms. If your phone is a certain distance away from the alarm, an alert will alert you.


And for those who always throw away, or worry about the theft of valuables in places where crowds of people enter and leave on holidays, the anti-lost device is a good tool. Choose a two-way reminder anti-lost device. When the item bound to the anti-lost device and the mobile phone exceed a safe distance, both the mobile phone and the anti-lost device will sound an alarm at the same time. The mobile phone and your important items can be prevented from being forgotten or lost. You can even put one in the pocket of an elderly or a child if necessary. The connection between the mobile phone and the anti-lost device relies on the Bluetooth function which is not restricted by the signal.

2.Mobile phone connected to Bluetooth wearable device

There are many wearable Bluetooth devices currently on the market, such as smart bracelets and watches that need to be connected to Bluetooth. Some hospitals also use Bluetooth to connect mobile phones to transmit heart rate, blood pressure and other data to the doctor's mobile phone, which is convenient for doctors to observe the patient's body at any time.


3.Bluetooth unlock bike sharing

Now that more and more bicycles are shared, it does bring a lot of convenience to everyone's travel, but sometimes there will be problems of slow unlocking or delay in receiving verification messages due to network signal problems. So now the shared bicycles basically use the Bluetooth unlock function, fast and safe!

4. Bluetooth can remotely control the computer, and can also connect a mouse and keyboard
As long as your mobile phone has Bluetooth function, you can install and set up remote control software on your computer, you can remotely control your computer, and use your mobile phone to switch songs whenever you want. When you have friends and relatives to visit, you can also use this method to show them your high technology.


5.Bluetooth shared network

It is not uncommon to open the hotspot of the mobile phone to realize the shared network. There are many ways to share hotspots, one of which is sharing via Bluetooth.

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