Low-power, high-performance Bluetooth module makes sharing bicycles/e-scooter more convenient

At present, the reason why e-bike/e-scooter sharing is so hot is that the customer experience is very good. In a busy city, spending a dollar to ride a bicycle/bike can save time and is very pleasant. A few years ago, we couldn’t even think of unlocking a e-bicycle/e-scooter with a mobile phone that turned on Bluetooth. So why is Bluetooth widely used in smart locks? I think the reasons are as follows:


1) Low power consumption. In the current communication technology, the performance of Bluetooth low energy is second to none, which exactly meets the expectations of current IOT equipment;

2) Smartphone penetration. Smart locks are smart because we do n’t need a key anymore and we can unlock them using a smartphone. And currently Bluetooth is basically standard for smartphones, which is very convenient;

3) The price of Bluetooth module is "friendly", the sample price of Shengrun Technology Bluetooth 4.2 BLE module is only about 20 yuan;

4) Security. Since Bluetooth 4.2 introduced the pairing method of secure connections "LE Secure Connections", the security has been further improved, and the combination of Bluetooth technology and locks has become logical.


Applying Bluetooth low energy to smart locks is nothing new. The key component of this type of smart phone unlocking is the Bluetooth module.

In fact, this type of smart unlocked bicycle has a built-in Bluetooth module (for example: HY-40R204P). This module has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, which makes the maintenance cycle of the bicycle longer.


HY-40R204P Technical parameters


The combination of bicycle sharing and Bluetooth, or the combination of home smart door locks and Bluetooth, not only improves the user experience and user stickiness, but also reflects the potential value of bicycles and smart locks.

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