Application of Bluetooth technology in modern medical electronic equipment

With the vigorous development of modern medical industry, the emergence of hospital monitoring system and medical consultation system has made outstanding contributions to the development of modern medical industry. But its biggest disadvantage is those cables, which not only cause great inconvenience, but also have to interrupt the monitoring of the patient's condition or require manual monitoring when the patient needs a large area of activity. Bluetooth technology has attracted a lot of attention since its inception. With people's needs, Bluetooth technology has continued to expand the scope of use and enter various industries. It is also gradually introduced in medical equipment.

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1) Most applications originally considered by Bluetooth were to replace wired connections. Medical equipment In the hospital, each piece of equipment is basically an independent system. Therefore, all kinds of equipment are equipped with their own computer systems and peripheral systems such as printers, but all are connected by data lines, so it is a waste of time when organizing. Therefore, the various devices connected by Bluetooth technology have solved many problems for medical device users.

2) Some medical forbidden areas are not suitable for all medical personnel to enter and exit. A strict isolation system is required. Bluetooth can play a very effective role in these places. Doctors can make some examinations and treatments wirelessly and remotely, reducing work. The probability of direct entry and exit of personnel without prejudice to the doctor's treatment and consultation.

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Implementation conditions of Bluetooth in electronic medical equipment

1) Multi-machine communication must ensure reliable communication between the master and the selected slave, and the communication interface must have strong identification capabilities. Therefore, in addition to requiring as little external interference as possible, a more reliable communication protocol is also required.

2) The composition of the Bluetooth protocol: As an open short-range high-speed communication standard, the Bluetooth protocol mainly includes the following four aspects: Bluetooth core protocol, cable replacement protocol (RFCOMM), and telephone control protocol (TSC Binary, AT command set) And select protocols (PPP, TCP / IP, DUP / IP, OBEX, WAP, ...). According to the specific application, the Bluetooth protocol can be flexibly configured, and various high-level protocols are encouraged to be utilized as much as possible to ensure the integration of existing network technology and Bluetooth technology.


Bluetooth security issues

The use of any medical equipment must first ensure absolute safety for humans before it can be put into clinical use and accepted by both doctors and patients. Security includes information security and ecological security.

In the long run, the opportunities for Bluetooth to replace the existing wired system are increasing, and the development speed will be faster in the short term. Although the speed of increasing capacity through wireless connections is slow, it has long-term potential and has good development prospects.

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