Highlights of CITE 2019 China Electronic Information Expo

In the context of the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, China's most authoritative electronics industry exhibition, China Electronic Information Expo (CITE), was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 2019. The theme of this conference is "Smart Leading a New Era and Enjoying a New Life" as the theme, focusing on the latest achievements in the development of China's electronic information industry, and the new trends and changes in the development of the intelligent era. This article will briefly summarize the six key contents of this conference.


1.Artificial intelligence

The CITE 2019 Artificial Intelligence Theme Pavilion will fully display the artificial intelligence ecosystem, and showcase hot and cutting-edge technology products such as quantum communication and virtual reality.

2. Intelligent network connection and new energy vehicles

The pattern of the automotive industry with intelligent networking and new energy vehicle as the lead, and the participation of power batteries, charging piles and connected vehicles, is the new highlight of this CITE 2019 conference.


3. Smart life

CITE 2019 staged a lineup of luxury exhibitors for smart living, from smart cities and smart transportation to smart homes, smart healthcare, and smart education. From macro to micro, smart life is coming.

4. Sensor and IoT Market

The Internet of Things is an emerging industry, and sensors are the foundation of the Internet of Things. CITE 2019 showcases the latest development achievements of well-known companies in related fields at home and abroad. It is expected that by 2025, China is expected to become the world's largest Internet of Things market.

5.Intelligent manufacturing and robots

Intelligent manufacturing is called the fourth industrial revolution, CITE 2019 Electronic Information Expo, which mainly showed 3C robots and service robots. Including robot body, integration and application, transmission and control system, robot-related parts; and medical robots, education robots, service robots, artificial intelligence, drones, intelligent hardware and wearable devices.


6. Information security

CITE 2019 showcases the latest technological achievements of Chinese and international companies in the field of information security, especially the cutting-edge technologies for network development and key core technologies with international competitiveness.

In recent years, China's digital economy has entered a new stage of rapid development, and the rapid rise of new dynamics of the digital economy is triggering a "butterfly change" in the pattern of economic growth and production and lifestyle, and has become a new business card for China's innovation and development. CITE 2019 also launched the Digital Economy Frontier Forum, which is led by the government industry authority. More than a dozen academicians of the two academies and well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad gathered together to discuss key cutting-edge technologies in the form of keynote speeches and dialogues.

As an international first-class display platform for electronic information and cooperation with high-end exchanges, CITE 2019 will showcase the latest development achievements of China's next-generation information technology industry, which will also greatly promote China's electronic information industry to open a smarter future.

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