The role, characteristics and functions of the intelligent gateway

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the smart home industry is also in full swing, and the smart gateway is the most important link in the entire smart home architecture. The intelligent gateway connects the home intranet and home extranet to ensure communication between the intranet and extranet, thereby enabling remote control and viewing of home information.

Note: The gateway is a product born for the difficulty of conversion between different protocols. It is internally responsible for the protocol conversion of different devices in the entire smart home system and externally enters the Internet through Ethernet or WiFi to achieve remote communication.


Features of Smart Gateway

1. Intelligent access, reliable and reliable

2. Healthy network, rest assured

3.Support remote update maintenance


The role of smart gateways

Smart gateway is an indispensable part of smart home. It is the controller that realizes the operation of the entire smart home system. Its functions include not only the collection, input, and output of information, but also remote and linkage control. Therefore, for smart home manufacturers, producing and developing a good smart gateway is the key to winning users in the market; for consumers, the quality of smart gateways also determines the smart home products they purchase for the overall experience.

Functions implemented of smart gateways

1) Ability to sense network access. Firstly, the intelligent gateway has the function of acquiring the attributes and status of each node, it can sense the real-time status of each node. Secondly, it has the functions of remote control, wake-up and diagnosis of nodes.

2) Interoperability of heterogeneous networks. Smart gateway access inevitably requires cross-domain communication. Therefore, perfect addressing technology is required to ensure that all node information can be accurately located and queried.

3) Standardization of communication and data formats. The intelligent gateway must implement the protocol conversion from the sensor network to the traditional communication network, uniformly encapsulate the standard format data transmitted on the protocol adaptation layer, unpack the data issued by the wide area access layer into standard format data, and implement the command. Parse, and then translate into signals and control instructions that can be recognized by the perception layer protocol.


In simple terms, the intelligent gateway mainly completes three tasks, first is to collect data from the sensor nodes; second is to perform data protocol conversion; and finally, to quickly send the data after the protocol conversion to the public network. In addition, it should also have corresponding management and control capabilities.

The huge development potential and broad development prospects of smart homes have led many businesses to participate in them. However, to acquire the smart home market, not only must master smart home products, but the key is to master smart home systems.

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