Bluetooth technology is really popular in automotive industry

Nowadays, "Bluetooth" is no longer a strange word for us. For mobile phones, computers,various PC devices, we are looking forward to the fact that more and more products are now armed with "Bluetooth" , People have gradually realized the convenience brought by Bluetooth from all aspects of life. For example, smart wear with Bluetooth technology is popular all over the world, such as smart home devices using Bluetooth technology, etc., even in the traditional automotive field. The wind of "Bluetooth" was blowing.


Why is Bluetooth technology favored by the automotive industry?

The automotive industry's use of Bluetooth technology has the following advantages:

1) Bluetooth is a global standard, so it only suffices to develop an application platform;

2) All Bluetooth functions can be connected to a master device in the car, reducing complexity and cost;

3) Bluetooth supports two-way communication, eliminating the need for special tools, thereby reducing the complexity and cost of the tools;

4) Bluetooth can achieve higher security than existing RF solutions;

5) Easily connect devices such as smartphones to cars.

In the automotive industry,such as autonomous driving, continuous safety, improved prevention systems, and greater comfort are driving demand for wireless technology.

Specifically, for wireless connections, as the standard begins to adopt wireless technology as a car key, such as using a smart phone to start up. Bluetooth low energy will have strong demand for years to come. The aforementioned tire pressure monitoring systems will also benefit from the standard, which will enable longer battery life and read the pressure value on the owner's smartphone.

Relying on the company's long-term technology accumulation and Bluetooth low energy solutions, Shengrun Technology is very optimistic about the development prospects of the connection technology in the next stage of the automotive market, and has enough confidence in the continuous optimization and improvement of Bluetooth technology.

Image 11.png

HY-40R204P of Shengrun Bluetooth 4.2 BLE module adopts Bluetooth low energy standard through intelligent low power consumption architecture, with TI CC2640R2F chip, and based on low power ARM-Cortex-M3. Efficient way to send data to the car or smartphone to ensure the long battery life required by the TPMS system. In addition, the HY-40R204P uses a compact 17.9 * 11.59 * 2.0mm package, enabling manufacturers to produce innovative product shapes.


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