Bluetooth E-cigarette solution

China National Tobacco Corporation, the last three years, the total annual tax and profit has exceeded one trillion, is China's Richest company. At the same time, China Tobacco has never been listed or promoted, and it is the most honest company in China. However, China Tobacco International (Hong Kong), a subsidiary of China Tobacco, secretly submitted the IPO materials to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and was listed in Hong Kong on June 12, 2019. Why is this? Let me slowly say.

At present, three major types of new tobacco appear on the market: electronic cigarettes, non-burning cigarettes when heated (represented by IQOS), and others (including chewing products, snuff, etc.). Among them, the principle of heating non-burning smoke is a critical state in which tobacco is pretreated and placed in an atomizer and heated to a temperature below 350 ° C to generate smoke but no burn. Due to the use of tobacco, there is a real smoke feeling in terms of experience, which solves the long-term complaints of smokers about the closeness of electronic cigarette flavors and real smoke, and also relatively reduces the harmful components produced by high-temperature combustion of traditional cigarettes.


Heating non-burning smoke is popular by the market but also poses regulatory difficulties. The Bluetooth solution interconnects the hood with the mobile APP through Bluetooth low energy. On the one hand, it can effectively respond to the supervision of not-selling for minors, and realize many functions such as adjusting the heating temperature; on the other hand, it uses software to monitor and feedback hardware usage Data, control hardware usage patterns, and issue intelligent reminders to improve user experience and achieve tobacco control.

Adding Bluetooth without heating the smoke will allow smokers to experience different tastes when using the same smoking set. They only need to buy different brands of cigarettes of the same size. You can also fine-tune the heating temperature according to different brands. Heating tobacco to 300 ° C-350 ° C using a heating chip produces smoke. The temperature curve of different tobacco heating is slightly different. Smokers can fine-tune the temperature according to the actual feeling to achieve Suitable for your own taste.


The addition of BLE low energy Bluetooth technology has solved the regulatory problems and greatly improved the user experience. The major tobacco companies have also seen huge market prospects. China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) has a larger text in the body of the IPO application report. The current status and trends of global heated new-type tobacco are described in depth, and the historical opportunities faced by China National Tobacco Corporation are fully hinted at mainly for the following points:

1. The Chinese e-cigarette product export market is broad;

2. China Tobacco The head office has invested a lot of resources in the research and development and manufacture;

3. China National Tobacco Corporation needs to increase its efforts and resources to increase the market awareness of electronic cigarettes and diversify the sales channels of the product;

4. China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) It is the sole operating entity for all entities under the China National Tobacco Corporation to export and sell new tobacco to the world;

5. China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) will timely acquire relevant strategic development resources for the new tobacco business through acquisitions or strategic cooperation.


From the above, it is not difficult to see that China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) is the "horse pawn" for China Tobacco Corporation to fully launch new tobacco. The reason why this horse pawn started an IPO is self-evident: the traditional tobacco business of China National Tobacco Corporation is a domestic market business in the final analysis, and the new tobacco is a global war. To participate in this new battle in the global industry chain, a compliant and transparent platform company that complies with international corporate governance norms will need to deploy resources from it. This is the role of China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) 's IPO . Shenzhen Huayu Technology Development Co., Ltd. (China Tobacco, Yunnan) also tendered for heating non-combustion smoke projects in June this year, and Shengrun Technology participated in it.

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