The difference between Bluetooth 5 and the earlier Bluetooth 4.x

Most mobile phones now support Bluetooth, but we do not know if you have found that this technology has not been specifically introduced by mobile phone manufacturers. Why? That's because Bluetooth 5.0's main function is not better performance, nor is it tailored for mobile phones. Its appearance is mainly for more and more IoT devices.believe there are still many friends who do n’t know what Bluetooth, and what is the difference from the earlier Bluetooth 4.x.


Bluetooth 5 improvements

Bluetooth 5.0 , as the latest standard Bluetooth technology, will surely achieve greater brilliance in the field of Internet of Things:

First of all, let ’s first understand the characteristics of Bluetooth 5.0: it can provide more than 4 times the communication range (300 meters) and 2 times the transmission speed (2Mbps) in the existing (Bluetooth 4.2) power saving mode, while adding navigation Function, with the ubiquitous Wi-Fi, it can achieve a Bluetooth indoor positioning function with an accuracy of close to 1 meter.

Noted that Bluetooth technology has introduced the HS high-speed protocol since bluetooth 3.0, allowing mobile devices to achieve a transmission speed of 24 Mbps via the Wi-Fi channel. However, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS is limited to laptops, Ipaid, and mobile phones, and requires the support of similar wireless network card hardware that integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the same module. However, small IoT devices such as smart bracelets are limited in size and power consumption, and cannot integrate Wi-Fi modules, so naturally they cannot enjoy high-speed transmission.


Bluetooth 5 VS Wi-Fi

It can be said that the rise of the Internet of Things provides a performance stage for Bluetooth 5.0.

At this time, Bluetooth 5 is still running on the 2.4GHz frequency, and there is a hidden danger of signal interference; Wi-Fi (5G) solves the problem of signal interference. Meanwhile, with the help of relay amplifiers, it can theoretically be extended to an infinite range for objects, Isn't networking more reliable?

In fact, the new standard Bluetooth 5.0 technology has greatly improved its anti-interference ability. SIG has said that compared with Wi-Fi and LTE signals, the new version of Bluetooth can avoid "signal jam" in a limited space to a certain extent.  Bluetooth 5.0 not only has a theoretical effective signal communication range of 300 meters, but also developing Mesh technology, which can enable Bluetooth 5.0 devices to act as signal relay stations with each other, so that they can also transmit signals to infinity.

The key point is that Bluetooth 5.0 still has unmatched performance in terms of low power consumption.

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