Detailed description of Bluetooth module features

The Internet of Things has been comprehensively developed in the fields of smart homes, electronic products, etc, so the wireless connection technology of short-range communication is more and more useful in emerging products of the Internet of Things. It has become the darling of IOT market and widely used in its scenarios. The following is an analysis of the characteristics of the Bluetooth module for everyone, why it can be applied to so many fields.

1. Low power consumption, support standard Bluetooth BLE protocol.

BLE Bluetooth module supports Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 protocol, Shengrun Technology has HY-40R204P and HY-40R201P modules all support Bluetooth 5.(firmware upgrade), Bluetooth 5.greatly reduces the power consumption of Bluetooth compared to the old version, so that people are In the process of Bluetooth, you no longer have to worry about Bluetooth power consumption.


2. Master-slave integration, fast switching.

In the process of establishing connection and data transmission, you can either master or slave, and the mode switching changes as needed! When HY-40R204P is used as a master, the module can be connected with up to 8 Bluetooth slave modules and perform data transmission.

3. Various configuration methods, serial AT commands, transparent transmission of AT commands.

The user can set the Bluetooth transparent transmission module according to the AT instruction set.

4. Support one-to-many broadcast mode, built-in iBeacon protocol.

The Bluetooth module supports the broadcast mode, in which the Bluetooth module can broadcast one-to-many. The user can set the data broadcast by the Bluetooth module through the AT command. The Bluetooth module can continuously broadcast in the low-power mode. It is used in applications with extremely low power consumption, small data volume, and unidirectional transmission, such as tire pressure monitoring Indoor positioning and other functions.


5. Support Mesh networking to realize Bluetooth self-organizing network.

The BLE Bluetooth module HY-40R204P based on the TI CC2640R2F solution supports Bluetooth Mesh networking and is successfully used in Bluetooth Mesh light control solutions.

6. Support UART interface.

The user MCU directly communicates with the Bluetooth module using serial port communication; the Bluetooth module can transparently transmit all serial port transparent transmission data from the user MCU to the other end device through the BLE wireless channel. The other device can be a smartphone (iOS / Android) or other BLE devices.

For more details about the specifications of the BLE Bluetooth module, you can go to Shengrun Technology's official website to view the details.

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