Complete IoT platform architecture design

The Internet of Things platform should be constructed based on the current Internet and communication technology, without relying on specific hardware modules. Users can access the Internet of Things based on their own device technology architecture. As shown below:


A complete IoT platform includes four cores: device management, user management, data transmission management, and data management, and all other functional modules are based on the extension of these four core functions.

1. Equipment management

Device management: As the name implies, device management defines device-related information, such as device type and attributes.

Note: The definition of the type of equipment is generally defined by the manufacturer of the equipment. The most important thing for a type of equipment is to be associated with a unique set of data analysis methods, data storage methods, and data such as equipment specifications. Only the manufacturer can edit the data about the device type, and the user of the device can only browse the relevant information of the device type.


2. User management

Organization management: In the Internet of Things platform, all devices, users, and data are based on organization management.

User management: Users are based on the personnel of an organization. Each organization has an administrator role. Administrators can add different users to the organizations they serve and assign different permissions for each user.

Note: A user can also belong to multiple different organizations and play different organizations.


3. Data transmission management

      Data transmission management, defining the data transmission protocol for a type of equipment, the basic format is:


Each device has a unique serial number, but there is no fixed format (because each manufacturer has its own encoding format); the command code generally uses 2-digit encoding 00 ~ 99; and the data part is this message, which contains For the data part of each, each protocol can define different parsing methods. For example, after receiving the data packet, the server will parse the data field according to the pre-defined parsing method and store it according to the rules.

4. Data management

     (1) Authority management, the authority of data is crucial, to whom? Who can see it is a very important concept.

     (2) Big data, Internet of Things data is a massive amount of data, and we can implement visual analysis of the data based on these data.

     (3) Data export, users can export data to local for analysis.


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