Shengrun Technology's BLE remote networking solution

BLE remote networking solution, includes a gateway (Bluetooth+3G/4G, Bluetooth+WIFI)+multiple Bluetooth device networking, which can be controlled via smart phone/flat panel terminal Internet or Bluetooth. Using the latest BLE4.2 technology, the number of network devices can be up to 64 (specifically determined according to the function of network control required); at the same time, using broadcast + scanning technology, each node has a relay function to achieve multiple device groups Internet, perfect for smart home, business, agriculture, industry and other scenarios.

1. Key features

>Bluetooth low energy

>Support function customization

>The relay distance of the equipment can reach 5km

>Up to 64 network devices

>The distance between nodes can reach 80m

>High stability, high security

>Can cover up to 300000㎡ control range

>Access to the Internet, remote control of networking equipment


2. Bluetooth terminal equipment series

smart Lock

Let the mobile phone and the door lock establish a Bluetooth connection, so as to control the home door, garage door, luxury car door, etc., completely say goodbye to the traditional key to unlock and swipe the fingerprint to identify the embarrassment of being unable to enter the door.

>High precision

>Self-learning algorithm

>Low power consumption

>Simple access

>Live fingerprint recognition

Symphony of lights


Not only save energy and electricity, but also can change colors in real time through mobile phones to achieve different intelligent lighting effects.


>Dual system (IOS, Android)

>Can be networked

>Various colors to choose

>Multiple modes adjustable




Through the smart phone to control the opening and closing of the curtain, and can realize one-to-many connection, many-to-many connection.


>Support timing automatic opening and closing curtains

>Can control the size of curtain switch

>Support wireless firmware upgrade function, convenient to update firmware at any time

Smart plug

Based on BLE design, remotely realize the switching and timing tasks of electrical appliances through mobile phones, and realize the status monitoring of electrical equipment through this method.


>Can be networked

>Timeable control switch

>Readable power appliance voltage

>Power limit can be set, exceeding the maximum power alarm

Temperature and humidity sensor


You can monitor the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment in real time, and you can also link related equipment to bring a comfortable and convenient life experience.


>High precision

>Ultra low power consumption

>Simple access

> Can view the current ambient temperature and humidity

>The maximum and minimum temperature and humidity can be set



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